The Baggio Story

...or the short history of Baggio Private Travel®

In 2001 when I left college with French teacher’s diploma in my pocket, I had no idea that soon I will be signing a contract with an agency organizing tours to Tunisia. On that fateful day I had only a few hours to decide if I wanted to take the Tunisian job. I had to consider if I could leave everything behind and move to a completely foreign country. I confess that the fact that I took the job was a „little” due to necessity and desperation.

Since then, I have spent more than a decade in this wonderful profession. I have personally traveled to 326 destinations in 28 countries. During this time my job became my profession and my passion! I have organized more than 1000 successful individual and group trips for my clients, and I had the chance to speak with about 5000 travelers during this time. All of this knowledge, experience and understanding are my personal guarantee to you that your travel planning is in the right hands.

My motivation for travelling at first was “just” a curiosity towards different destinations in the world; I used every opportunity my work offered to get to the farthest countries of the world. I spent all of my money on travelling; because I thought that latter on in life I will not have the opportunity to see these wonders. Since I have started my own travel agency I am not only driven by passion, but also by a moral obligation: my team and I believe that we have to reach as many place in the world as possible so that we can pass these experiences on to our Adventurers. We can say that travelling has become an occupational hazard for us. I am truly grateful that I can spend most of my time with what I passionately love and that I have the opportunity to share this with others.  

In 2007, when we started our first business we agreed on one thing right from the start: we wanted to give something new to the people. From the outset we wanted to provide a service which places the highest importance on the needs of the travelers, since we saw this as the future of our enterprise. Before this we had worked at one of the biggest travel agencies in Hungary, and we saw that a significant group of customers were not satisfied by what pre-planned trips have to offer. My colleague and I met with around 1500 customers during a winter season, and one in three people wanted to change something about the trip that was offered to them. At the time this was just a “serious problem” for us, since we had to convince our customers to take our make-do offers. This was what gave us the idea to turn this problem into a possibility. We realized that we needed to pay more attention to those customers who are not satisfied by what the catalogues had to offer. .

We started to look at what separates a successful travel agency from the average, and what is it that lifts it to the forefront. We soon realized that there are no agencies that are able to satisfy this special group of clients. Even so, to realize are idea seemed like a risky business (especially in the eyes of our families and friends). We only had numbers above to go on and our idea that we should not try to convince anyone of anything, with out the backing of any capital or entrepreneurial experience we knew that we had our work set out for us. But we kept to our dream, of creating something unique, all along the way. Now, looking back I am glad of the decision that we made, and even though there were though times, I never once regretted it.

Since the founding of DMC we made it a point to only accept planning a trip if it was made according to individual needs, since we accept that we can’t be experts in everything. We know what we represent, and we understand who are ideal partners are. We know what we are the best at and we concentrate on only this. As we know from our Adventurers, they have found (except when we are recommended to them) us only after making several rounds at a variety of companies, but have found none who could take all of their needs into consideration. According to our customer feedback our strong point is the planning of individualized tours. Thanks to them we have learned more about individual needs in the past few years than in the whole time preceding that. We have jotted down our experiences and made the whole thing into a system that guarantees that all aspects of your trip can be controlled and will perfectly meet your expectations and dreams. We are proud of this new system, of the Baggio Private Travel® brand, since, with the introduction of “Private Travel” we have given something to Hungarian travelers that was offered by no one before us. The experiences we've got  since the introduction of this brand show us that this type of travel is very appreciated by World Travelers from all around the world.

Maybe by you, too...

Horváth Róbert Horváth Róbert Róbert "Baggio" Horváth founder
Baggio Private Travel