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...or why it is so important for you what our World Travelers say about us?

We know it clearly, even when it comes to planning luxury trips, that Private Travel service is a privilege and we are not the appropriate partner for everyone. We know you have been planning these trips for years and we accept it. That’s why we take care in deciding what types of tailor made luxury tours we will plan and we also set a limit of how many tailor made luxury tours we plan at a time, this way we can guarantee the quality of planning that goes into a tailor made luxury tour. Based on our experiences it will be you who wins the most with this concept, this is the real seal of quality that we offer you if you will ask us to organize your tailor made tour. This was our quality stamp we offered first to our World Travelers, whose reviews can be read here below.  

Discretion is just as important for us as the perfect planning of your tailor made luxury tour, therefore we hope you will understand that the reviews are displayed without traveler names. Please take a moment to read about the opinions of our World Travelers, which will help you to easily decide if you wish to return home from your luxury tour with similar experiences.


"We can use flawless to describe something that we were expecting to get. But here much more happened than that."

The mind, by its nature is always doubtful. Will I get what I want? Will I be cheated? Should I turn to someone else? Maybe I can offer some help to those who have the same doubts when looking for a travel agent and a vacation package. I had to use one word to describe the service that was given it would be: flawless. And not even this word does justice to what I received. We can use flawless to describe something that we were expecting to get. But here much more happened than that. If again I had to use just one word to describe Robi it would be: magician. He is the great magician of his profession.

Csaba, Baggio World Traveler

"here you get more than what you pay for"

Dear D.M.C.!!! the tailor or luxury travel...

Your motto is TRUE! You organized such a trip and wedding for us that we are still immersed in the wonderful experiences of our Cuban trip.

Cuba is a WORLD that needs to be experienced first hand The old American cars, palm trees, white sand.... Cuba where the rhythm makes your blood boil, the simplicity and love of the people binds everything together.

Our little story begins in January of 2012, when we found D.M.C. on the internet and immediately requested an offer, and within a few hours we had a response. My husband was set on Cuba, and he wouldn’t change is mind, this caused a bit of headache when selecting a hotel, but Robi could say much more about this. :)

After a lot of correspondence and phone calls, Robi found the hotels that best fit our needs (in Havana and Varadero).

I was very nervous about the wedding... here at home I was just dreaming about that December afternoon, when at home the temperature falls bellow zero, and WE will be on a warm sandy beach, tying our lives together for ever. This wonderful experience could not have happened without Robi and his team. Regal magnificence, luxury bungalow (a real dream place), good foods and drinks, exceptional Hungarian guide and wedding organization. We would like to thank you for this and for all of our wonderful experiences. :)

The news is completely true, here you get more than what you pay for.... in our case when they told us that we would get the VERY-VERY BEST bungalow on the beach in Varadero, which was closest to the sea, and everything else, I couldn’t believe it.... and our road trip in an old American car...

Thanks :) !!!

D.M.C. we travel with you.:)

Á & S Baggio World Travelers

"Looking at a country through his eyes has never been a disappointment."

Robi has organized trips for me to Vietnam, Zanzibar, Argentina, and to a lot of other places. What I found to be unique was the customizability and the 24-hour availability in case something happens. Even as a geography teacher I don’t bother with selecting the sights to see, I trust Robi completely in selecting the sights for my tours. Looking at a country through his eyes has never been a disappointment.

B. Ottó, Baggio World Traveler

"The way we have treated us – and everyone else – is, I think, exemplary in Hungary, and among Hungarian companies."

Dear Robi!

In the late autumn of 2008 I found you almost by accident, when we were planning our first „big” trip to the Maldives! Right at the outset I was sure that I would like to travel with a bigger, „safer” agency. Now I can confess that I only wrote to you because I wanted to compare the prices, and somehow I didn’t find you trustworthy. But your fast, detailed and aboveboard response, your custom offers, and realistic price made me uncertain. I looked into your agency at the time and decided that we would try it; we would take the risk! Since then life has shown that the big guys went bankrupt and a lot of people lost their money, but you are here, as open as always.

After that wonderful trip to the Maldives, you have planned two more „big” trips for us, a honeymoon and a tour to the Far East, and I am absolutely certain that if ever in the future we are considering a more serious trip, you will be the only one we will ask to organize it! The way we have treated us – and everyone else as I have read on several forums – is, I think, exemplary in Hungary, and among Hungarian companies. With you there are no bad, boring, or tiresome questions, not even after the thirtieth email or phone call, or the fifth rescheduling, there are no fine print costs; on the contrary, if there is something that is not worth organizing through you, you will be the first to say. We had the feeling that we were your only customers, that there is just us, and everything is for us, and what one can feel at the „bug guys” where a, sadly, underpaid agent throws „packages” at you, where in the fine print beach side accommodation is missing, or extra costs are hidden. Our feeling is, and we have three experiences to prove it, that you and your team are really working on making everything perfect for us, and that we would never feel the need to find another agency, because you would not like to make a living by extorting your clients, but by your good name, and references! Because of this we feel confident in recommending you to others who want to experience something special!

We would like to wish the best for you in this, now and in the distant future.

Rita and Zoli, Baggio World Travelers

"Honest, trustworthy partner"

We had a fantastic tour in Australia! The agency’s planning was very good, and everything went well. Our next tour will also be planned by Robi and his team: honest, trustworthy partner.

D. László dive master, Baggio World Traveler

"You were the first travel agents in our lives where we felt that we were the most important."

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the help that you have given us in planning the perfect honeymoon. If you were to ask us if we got what we expected, our answer would be: no much more than that! All of our expectations were surpassed by both the destination and the organization. Even when we first got in contact with you, we could feel that you were professionals, even though at first we couldn’t believe you. :)  You were the first travel agents in our lives where we felt that we were the most important. You were always looking out for what we wanted, you always offered a lot of options, so that this trip would be the BEST for us. We liked your focus on us. Our first experience with you was your speed and precision. Another important observation: your sympathy. You were very outgoing right from the start, and as the date of the trip drew closer, the number of your letters and phone calls increased and the tone became even more friendly. This – also – meant a lot to us. Every bit of information that you gave us was accurate and sufficient. If we had questions or doubts, you gave us the necessary help immediately. Could we ask for anything more??? NO :)

And last but not least: if we get the chance we plan on traveling with you in the future. :)

Thank you for everything!

And just a little advertisement: Dear future traveler! If you would like to travel with a pro, and you would like to experience what its like when you are the most important, we highly recommend them. You can turn to them with any question with confidence, because slogan is: „there are no stupid questions, just unasked ones!” we suggest that you make good use of this. If you entrust yourselves with them, you will finally feel what its like when you are the most important and not your money!

Travel on!

Zsuzsi & Robi, Baggio World Travelers

"You have taken us to the most beautiful place that we have ever been to"

Hi Robi,

You have taken us to the most beautiful place that we have ever been to, but secretly we hope that you will surpass this achievement! :)

Thank you!

Gabi and Zoli, Baggio World Travelers

"Now, I just tell Robi how much I have to spend on the vacation and he arranges everything for me."

I met Robi about 8 years ago, at that time he worked at a large agency. I would have liked to go to Thailand, and decided to look at what several agencies had to offer, so that I could find the best option. This was the first agency I went to, there were several people waiting in line for the four agents, I got lucky and got Robi.

He listened attentively to what I wanted to say, and then began listing my options. This is of course natural. What got to me (and because of this I didn’t bother to go other agencies) was his openness, helpfulness, and that we were looking for the „best” solution together. He didn’t want to sell me a product. He was very attentive, and he told me his own opinions and experiences about things, and we talked even talked about the fine details. Then and there I began to believe that this would be a wonderful vacation, and it was, it was the first problem free vacation of my life.

The next year Robi wrote an e-mail saying that he left the agency and is now working with organizing vacations independently. Another vacation was in order, this time we wanted to go to the Maldives. Honestly? I was unsure at first, seeing as how he didn’t have all those resources behind him as before, but he is a very professional and a very nice guy, and I thought I would give him a chance.
I asked him to look into arranging accommodation, programs and flights to the islands.

He arranged it, in a way that before we talked about what my expectations were….

This happened several years ago, and since then he has been planning my travels every year. Since then I have been to the Maldives many times (and here I would like to add that Robi recommended islands that are missing from the offers of agencies specialized in these types of vacations). So I had been to the Maldives four times, to Zanzibar, and to Mauritius…   Each year I thought that this experience cannot be surpassed, and yet it could. :)
Now, I just tell Robi how much I have to spend on the vacation and he arranges everything for me. I don’t need to look into anything anywhere else, because I trust him completely, and I know that he is looking for what is best for me with all that he’s got (I know that if something were to happen on the trip he would feel much worse about it than me.:))
It would be great if more-and-more people were to get to know him. You HAVE TO try him!

And what is more than certain is that if you ever travel with him (well he doesn’t come along, he just organizes it :)), will stick with him for the rest of his life. "

Andi, Baggio World Traveler

"Finally I managed to find an agency whose passion is travel organization."

My passion is traveling! So much so, that when I decide on a destination is make sure to get to know it as much as possible (after looking at geographic and historical data, reading personal experiences on forums I form a PICTURE, that I would like to see). One of the most important aspects of this is the travel agency. We were planning our honeymoon to the Maldives, so we needed to choose the appropriate travel agency for this important occasion. Needless to say, Robi’s offer was the most sympathetic. Up until we left for our trip, we exchanged about 60 emails, going into the tiniest of details. I never felt that I was asking dumb questions, or that my 50th question was beginning to be cumbersome. I always received patience and to the point responses. In the end we managed to organize a combination that met all of our expectations.

Our honeymoon was perfect, and the organization was professional!

Finally I managed to find an agency whose passion is travel organization.

We wish further success, and satisfied customers!

Bea, Baggio World Traveler

"I was trying to think about things that needed improvement, but I would like to say now: I didn’t find any."

They asked us to write some things that came to mind about our Australian diving trip. I was trying to think about things that needed improvement, but I would like to say now: I didn’t find any. :) What can I say if everything went well? We got to go to breathtakingly beautiful and exciting locations with the programs organized by Robi, for which I would like to thank him in the name of my whole family.

Miklós M. and family, Baggio World Travelers

"And we would also like to thank you for Bali, Thailand, the Maldives and Cambodia!"

A vacation is always perfect unless some predicament arises. For example: 2011 Turkey, where we didn’t have reserved accommodations (a quote from our travel diary):

"saying farewell to beautiful Cappadocia we headed towards the shore, after nearly 6 hours of traveling we arrived to Side, this was our last three nights, we thought we would quickly find some accommodation and dive into the ocean in the morning. BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED! RAMADAN! THERE WAS NO ACCOMMODATION ANYWHERE! After about 3 hours of searching and sleeping in the car we were too weary to spend another three days looking for a place to stay, so I desperately wrote to Robi... at around 3:30 in the morning. There had never been a trip when I felt as defenseless, and outcast as then, and truthfully I was afraid....The night past and we got the text, when have accommodations! At 11 in the morning, I was forgetting the night’s ordeal in the hotel’s pool with a glass of EFES in my hand.... :)" To put it plainly: thank you!!!

And we would also like to thank you for Bali, Thailand, the Maldives and Cambodia!

Ps.: Oh yeah, in January we will be traveling with you again, and again, and again!!!

Szabi and Móni, Baggio World Travelers

"Allow yourselves to dream big and leave the rest to Robi and his team."

Dear Éva and Robi!

I would like to thank you again for giving us an amazing experience by organizing our dream honeymoon to Bora Bora. Everything went as we had expected, and connecting Moorea and Bora Bora was indeed a very good idea! Both the location and the organization were exceptional! Friendly, fast and precise. You have exceeded all of out expectations!!
We will recommend you to honeymooners whole-heartedly; here you will only have each other to think about! :)
Thank you once again!

We would like everyone to know that: Allow yourselves to dream big and leave the rest to Robi and his team. You will not be disappointed, on the contrary....:)!

B & R, Baggio World Travelers

"The organization and the reception there where both well in order"

Dear Róbert

I was planning to write to you.

The trip was amazing, we are full of experiences, and India is truly magical.

The organization and the reception there where both well in order, please give my thanks to your partners there.

We would particularly like to thank your guide; although he was very young he gave us a world of information...his friendliness and devotion were fascinating. 


F. Gyöngyi, Baggio World Traveler

"The accommodations, and the programs were both irreproachable!"

Our diving trip to Australia was exceptional and full of experiences; the accommodations, and the programs were both irreproachable! :)

S. László, Baggio World Traveler

"We truly felt that you would like to organize the most wonderful honeymoon for us."

Dear Robi,

We are very glad that to have met you at the travel show in February of 2009.

Your kindness when talking with us distinguished you from the whole crowd of people there, we truly felt that you would like to organize the most wonderful honeymoon for us. :)

We have never met such attentiveness, so that is why we chose you wit our trip to the Maldives.  Your personal attention to detail and the fact that you took into consideration even our smallest requests all contributed to us choosing you again and we will choose you again in the future.

All the best,

Ritu & Zozi, Baggio World Travelers

"Next time we will also choose you!"

Dear Robi!
Thank you very much for the very quick, and detailed offer; with the help of the included pictures and links we could make an „easy” decision. Thank you for you answers to our questions during the personal consultation, your friendliness and flexibility. The trip turned out to be super good! The location, the hotel, the trips, they were all beautiful!

Thank you! Next time we will also choose you!

a Baggio World Traveler

"we had one surprise after another… Thank you very much!"

On Friday we got home from our honeymoon, which was amazing, thanks to you!

We spent two and a half days in Hong Kong, during this time, although we were tired after the wedding, we got to see all of the sights. We used the public transport a lot, which wasn’t difficult, and they were very helpful in the hotel. Being prone to experimentation, we tired places to eat where there were hardly any Europeans, luckily we didn’t get sick. Chinese food wasn’t so good, it was sticky and flavorless, but we needed to try it at least once!

On Bali we had one surprise after another, in the evening we were met at the airport not only by your partner’s representative, but their Hungarian colleague as well. The next day he helped us out with a lot of interesting and useful bits of information. The Hungarian language tour was a real treat; he took us on unforgettable trips.

And on the first morning, when we stepped out on the balcony we saw that our room is not facing the garden but the ocean, this was an amazing surprise for us! Thank you very much!!!

We explored Balinese cooking from several different sides, from simple eateries to the high-class restaurants on the beach; we tried a lot of places. :) The food was hot and spicy we really loved it. Everyone was very friendly, both at the hotel and at your partner’s.  

Thank you for your professionalism! We hope that not very long from now we have the chance to travel with you again!

All the best,

Kitti & Tibi, Baggio World Travelers

"Our guide was an exceptional person, with him the whole trip deserves an additional * next to the 5*-s it already has."

Dear Róbert!

Thank your for your question, everything went very well. Our guide was an exceptional person, with him the whole trip deserves an additional * next to the 5*-s it already has. Thank you very much for everything. When I finish it will send you a copy of our picture travelogue.

Have a nice day

Sz. E. Baggio World Traveler

"Next time we will be sure to ask for your help again."

Dear Robi!
Thank you very much for the help with the organization, and with the choosing of the location.

Everything was as we had expected it to be. The hotel was beautiful!

I have to say that the hotel was fairly big (around 700 guests) and since we were the only Hungarians who had been staying there for at least a couple of months, all the Hungarian employees came up to us of an introduction. :)

The view was fantastic. (We have never seen such a beautiful ocean!)

Next time we will be sure to ask for your help again!!!

Norbi and Roni, Baggio World Travelers

"You were recommended to me by a reliable friend, and I wasn’t disappointed"

„Dear Robi!

You were recommended to me by a reliable friend, and I wasn’t disappointed; your speed, effectiveness and attention to detail are astonishing, despite the fact that I am usually very critical. I just have one comment: I have never traveled with an agency/organizer that ask about us at the place where we were staying to see that we had arrived and everything was well, etc (a real guardian angel).

I am afraid that after this you won’t rid yourselves of us…”

Balázs, Baggio World Traveler

"We can hardly wait until our team can go the road again, with YOU as our organizer"

This trip was an unforgettable experience for the entire family! Thank you for the exceptional organization, the accommodations were very good, and the „attendance” was outstanding during the entire Australian trip. We had a lot of exciting programs, during which we had no trouble exploring the country. We can hardly wait until our team can go the road again, with YOU as our organizer. :)

Family "B", Baggio Wolrd Travelers

"I can tell you without exaggeration that we had a perfect honeymoon and wedding beyond our dreams."

We wanted to be sure about our dream wedding in the Maldives, we didn’t allow chance to play a role in the organization! We started to get to know Robi during a lovely chat next to some coffee in his office, after he got to know us, he prepared a customized travel plan for us. We were already feeling the attention and care that we had not experienced with a travel agent before! We looked at each other with my boyfriend and knew instantly that we were going to travel with DMC! Even as a little girl my dream had been to get married to the love of my life while standing barefoot on the white sandy shore of a turquoise ocean. I can tell you without exaggeration that we  had a perfect honeymoon and wedding beyond our dreams. Since then nothing has been able to wipe the smile off of our faces! Here at home it’s a cold winter, but our hearts will be filled forever by this experience!

Sandra & Joe, Baggio World Travelers

"We are sure that if we ever go on a luxury tour again we will only do it with you."

Hi Robi!

Before we didn’t like to work with travel agencies no matter what type of a trip we were going on, we like to explore, we like adventure, but a honeymoon is a bit different, I though that this time I would make an exception and leave the planning to you. Your offer was the most personal, and we got exactly what we wanted, this is why we chose you.

Our hotel on Bali overlooked the ocean, which was about 50 meters away. :) Of course at first we didn’t make things easy for you, since not ever we were sure about where we wanted to go, but after we gave you specific details about what we wanted, for how long and how we wanted to spend our honeymoon, everything went like a hot knife through butter. The most beautiful part was when we had a personal guide on the island of Java, who went with us everywhere and showed us Yogyakarta and its surroundings. Our volcano tour was also good; the two temples were breath taking.

We could go on about what sort of experiences we had, we are very thankful that we chose you and you organized our trip. We are sure that if we ever go on a luxury tour again we will only do it with you.

Fecó & Gréta, Baggio World Travelers

"were really trying to fulfill all of our requests"

Dear Róbert!
We have arrived home safely and we had a beautiful vacation! We would like to thank you again for everything!

We are also satisfied with the services in India, our guide and our drivers were really trying to fulfill all of our requests.

Our hotel in Sri Lanka was fantastic, it completely lived up to our expectations, we can only praise their services and staff. Everything was in order with the transfer as well.

Everything was fantastic, and our friends feel the same way.

Thank you once again for everything!!!
I wish you a nice day and many more satisfied customers!

P. Detti Baggio frequent traveler

"Thank you for the unforgettable experiences!"

This was a real dream vacation that we had been wanting for a long time. The traveling, the accommodations and the programs were very well organized! Thank you for the unforgettable experiences!

a Baggio World Traveler family

"Everything was great"

Everything was great. The beach and gardens of the hotel were perfect, its rooms and restaurants good. The trips organized there (Dolphinarium, Chichen Itza, etc) were very good. The transfers worked.

We would like to go back:)
All the best,

Gyula, Baggio World Traveler

"This is one of the keys to the success of the company; here we are the ones who get all of their wishes satisfied."

I haven’t been in such a long contact with the company (since 2010), but we already have a lot of successful work behind us. As a personal assistant I need to organize a lot of trips, and I was very grateful to have found you!

Róbert is an open and very friendly person, with whom work is really pleasure. I only have good experiences, which I want to share with future customers.

In the fast place world we live in speed and flexibility are very important aspects, here it doesn’t cost you the quality of the service. If need be Róbert will organize a complete company trip within a day, taking into consideration all of our small requests. Our partners didn’t have to worry about anything, since everything was organized seamlessly in advance! It is good to know that he is always available, and he is happy to help, even late at night or on the weekend.

This is one of the keys to the success of the company; here we are the ones who get all of their wishes satisfied.

For us the comfort and satisfaction of our clients and partners is very important, and this is completely ensured by Robi and his team. I recommend it to anyone who would like precise and professional organization!

If I would need to give a mark: excellent!

Marianna J. the colleague responsible for travel at a "Fortune500" company.

"We cannot imagine a more perfect location for our wedding."

Hi Robi,

We have just returned to reality, to snowy Norway :) We wanted to write, to thank you for your help. It was a dream vacation; we are richer by a lot of experiences. We cannot imagine a more perfect location for our wedding. Uayamon is a magical place, beautiful surroundings, wonderful food, and very nice staff.

The second week was also exceptional; we went hiking a lot, and enjoyed our rooftop terrace.:) 

Thank you very much for the organization. We can hardly wait to be able to travel with you again. You will be sure to hear from us.:) 

Until then we wish you a lot of success, and a lot of customers who don’t ask as many questions as me.:) 

We wish you a lot of happiness!

Nóra & Béci Baggio World Travelers

"you and your team gave us an unforgettable experience"

Dear Robi!

First of all thank you for the surprise, your attention felt great! Second, we are in such a beautiful, fantastic dream location that it surpasses even our dreams! Even on Moorea we thought that this cannot be surpassed, but it could!

We have been on Bora Bora for about 3-4 hours, and we having such a euphoric experience that we can hardly believe it, we are in a state of shock, not even a psychologist would be able to cure us! Thank you for the organization, it was really a professional job, you and your team gave us an unforgettable experience!

All the best to you

We will check in once we arrive home.…

a Baggio World Traveler

"His professionalism and his humanity make him the perfect partner."

I worked with Róbert Horváth several times while organizing several different travel plans. Until now I have not met a more flexible and helpful person. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word impossible, he doesn’t shake me off with empty phrases, he always tries to fulfill our requests, to find the best solutions, so that the trip will be a truly unforgettable experience.

When talking to him one gets the feeling that they are unique and important, he treats people as if their problems were more important, he try very hard to solve them as fast as possible. His professionalism and his humanity make him the perfect partner.

I hope that we will work together for a long time! :)

Lea S. – operational manager, Baggio World Traveler

"This is not the first trip that Robi has organized for us. We only travel with them."

I adore the Maldives!

We went to the Maldives in September of 2010. The trip was an unforgettable experience made possible by Robi and his team. The whole organization and our programs were unforgettable. Every transfer, optional trip went according very good premade plan. Unfortunately our suitcase got lost, but the agency came to our aid immediately and solved everything for us. This is not the first trip that Robi has organized for us. We only travel with them.:-)

Thank you for everything, if we travel again, we will go with you, this we have already decided.

István, Baggio World Traveler

"We didn’t need to make a compromise on any of our vacations."

...I looked at him questioningly, don’t do this, we just arrived home and you are already planning the next trip??? Of course there are a lot of us who are this way, and it’s important who organizes these unforgettable trips. We have been traveling with Robi since 2006, and I can honestly say that we didn’t need to make a compromise on any of our vacations.

Móni & Szabi Baggio World Travelers