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...or what kind of luxury tours is Private Travel service for?

In this menu you will meet the most popular ones of Baggio Private Travel®’s services. You will learn how a tailor made luxury tour or a private safari can be created perfectly by our Private Travel service and also what these tailor made tours are offering that traditional packaged group tours don’t. Since Baggio Private Travel® is the first one to offer Private Travel service in many countries and we are organising only a special type of luxury tours, we recommend you to read all the articles you will find in the different menus: this way you can easily decide if you would like to choose our team as your travel partner.

One of the most popular articles on our website is the „References” from all around the world: we belive that every tailor made tour –like every World Traveler –is unique,which is the reason why you cannot choose a ready-made travel package from a travel catalogue when you are working with us. This is not how we are cooperating with our World Travelers –but we will show you with pleasure some of the tailor made luxury tours we already organised to our World Tarvelers.

If you are interested in amazing experiences from all around the world you can download a special e-book in each menu by providing your name and e-mail address. Don’t miss these e-books, they will provide you lots of fun!

Wich one is your favorite luxury tour?