Types of luxury safaris, unique safari adventures.

Types of luxury safaris, unique safari adventures.

Types of safaris, unique adventures and private African safaris, which combine these

When our clients first consider the possibility of an African safari, they usually expect to see as many animals as possible while exploring many exciting locations, and during their luxury safari they want to ride through the African wilderness in an open roof safari jeep. Of course for us, who plan the private safari, this is not sufficient information, and this is why we use our own, five step travel planning system when planning luxury African safaris, this is how we can understand exactly the dreams of our customers so that we can tailor the details of the private safari to these expectations. During consultations many of our clients are usually surprised at just how many options they have to chose from when planning a luxury safari. There are several general safari types, as well more special so called thematic African safaris and finally there are a number of unique adventures in a country, within a safari type or even within a region or national park; sometimes it is a serious problem just to decide what should make it into the program of a given safari.

Below we will introduce you to a few basic types of African safaris, as well as showing you a few special, thematic private safari adventures as well as one or two specific safari experiences. The list below is not in any order of importance and it doesn’t include every possibility.


19 unique safari adventures

An off-road safari in the wilderness

Off Road SafariThe basic requirement that we have in case of every private African safari is that we provide a specialized 4x4 safari jeep for our World Travelers for the entire duration of the luxury safari. We don't use any safari buses or other popular (and cheaper) solutions by planning a private safari, because the most important point of view considered is the perfect safari experience we offer. This is what they will use for getting around as well as exploring the wilderness with their private guides during the duration of the private safari. We use well-tested and serviced safari jeeps that have been designed for the local conditions, their special modifications make the documentation (taking pictures, videos or notes) of the luxury safari easy, the safari vehicle is comfortable, roomy and completely safe. While on a safari jeep you will go to the most extraordinary locations, furthermore it’s no problem for safari vehicles to go off the beaten path in search of a little extra adventure. And there is a wide range of extra safari adventures in the countries where we offer private safaris.


Flying (or soaring) safari

Flying SafariA flying safari is a safari where between two safari locations instead of taking ground transport you take a plane. This way on the one hand you save time, since this way you can reduce the “unnecessary” time spent on the ground. “Unnecessary” because even when making a ground transfer between two locations in a private African safari one can live though several thrills, our clients have told us that have felt the smell of the wild and the closeness of excitement even when making such transfer. On the other hand a flying safari provides the opportunity to see the wilderness from a different perspective, one has the opportunity to see several different landscapes in a relatively short period of time, this can be one of the advantages of a flying safari. Furthermore, this way it is easier to reach far away, exciting locations, or you have the opportunity to visit more areas within the time frame of a privatesafari. For example a Johannesburg (South Africa) – Okavango Delta (Botswana) – Zambia route can be done within 4-5 day safari, but of course you have the opportunity to expand this to 10-12 days, depending on how many days you would like to spend on the privatesafari. There are two basic types of flying safaris: private safari and small group safari, we go into more detail about the former in our downloadable material.


Private luxury safari tent

Private Luxury Safari TentFor those who would like to get as close to nature as possible in their dream private African safari adventure the perfect solution is the private luxury safari camping. Some consider this the most authentic safari experience in the world against modern luxury safari lodges introduced by the last couple of years: good news that you can make your choice planning the details of your luxury private safari. But don’t imagine a small two-person safari tent! You can discover the most amazing locations in East Africa with the help of large private luxury tents, where you will not have to forgo any luxury features during the time of your private safari.



Private safari camp

Private Safari CampThe camp on the bank of the Mara river can accommodate a maximum of 16 people. It operates exclusively as a private safari camp, it is ideal when planning for larger families, groups of friends or incentive safari trips, considering that the only the whole safari camp can be rented.  They could find no better location for this private safari camp:  animals come to drink from the river, hippos are bathing in the shallow parts, elephant are constant visitors at the privatesafari camp site, and in the surrounding forests you will have the opportunity to take pictures of countless bird species.



Family safari

Family SafariFun adventures and new friends await even the smallest ones. A private safari can be safe, entertaining and interesting if we pay attention to the details of the safari. A lot of luxury safari lodges organize programs especially for children usually for ages five and above, of course there is always supervision (by rangers and special staff). Here not only have fun in safari adventures, but they are also taught about protecting and respecting nature.





Weddins Honeymoons SafariIn the African wildernessthere are many exotic and romantic locations that are ideal for holding an official or informal wedding ceremony. As for a honeymoon, a private luxury safari could be a unique solution, whether the ceremony took place in South Africa, the Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania) or the island of Mnemba (Tanzania).





Wine tour

Winetour SafariWe can guarantee that if you like quality wines you will be stunned by the selection that South Africa has to offer. And if you are already in this part of the world why not combine wine tasting with exciting private safari adventures? 8 magnificent locations await you with a lot of safari excitement; and if your dream is an extravagant, elegant and grand luxury safari, then South Africa is the ideal choice for your private safari.





Golf safari

Golf SafariAnd while we are at the topic of South Africa, this country is a veritable paradise for golf enthusiasts. There are world-class golf courses with picturesque backdrops and a pleasant climate; what’s more a luxury golf safari is not the only option for relaxation, this country is perfect for combining golf safaris, off-road private safaris and just going to the beach.




Safari + beach

Safari BeachAfter an exciting private African safari our World Travelers often want a little peace and quiet: the small islands and sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean offer and ideal setting for doing just this. A more popular destination in this regard would be Zanzibar, the Mauritius Island or the Seychelles, but there are also nice beaches near Cape Town as well as picturesque locations in Kenya. However if you would like to go to a less known location we also have something for you: we suggest Mnemba island (Tanzania) or the beautiful beaches of Mozambique.





Meetings Incentives SafariNow days there is no such thing as impossible, not even at a luxury safari: the best safari lodges have adapted to the challenges of the times, so we can find the ideal safari lodge for holding meetings or organizing incentive trips. If a company would like to reward its best employees or its most important partners, and the organizers are not thinking along more conventional lines, a private African safari can be a really impressive choice. Most safari lodges provide exotic locations in and of themselves for holding meetings, while a private safari provides adventures that can prove to be some of the best team building.



Hot air balloon safari

Hot Airballoon SafariHot air balloon tours are becoming more and more popular during luxury safaris. The enthusiasts include experienced balloonists and World Travelers for whom this is a first time in such a tour. If you want to try it out you have to start sometime and doing it during a private safari will guarantee that those brave enough will have great experiences. We always find a way to make hot air balloon safari into something unique by getting the most out of it: there is crash course before the safari, then a hot air safari above the wilderness, touchdown is celebrated with ice-cold champagne, and a delicious breakfast after the safari in the wilderness.



Photo safari

Photo SafariAs with other safari types, when planning a photo safari there are important aspects that one should keep in mind. With this type of safari it is even more important that it be a private safari or at most a small group safari (with a maximum of 2-3 people per safari jeep). Less movement, less noise and smaller numbers mean more, higher quality time spent with the animals. There also needs to be more space for the equipment and the participants (it is important that you have enough room to get to both sides of the safari jeep), this way you have a better chance of capturing every important moment during a private photo safari. It is also important that there be a professional photographer on hand who can provide you with useful advice, and who has the time to work with participants one at a time during the whole private photo safari.


Cultural safari

Cultural SafariThe cultural safari project originated in Tanzania – its main goal was to have people living in isolated villages and small communities also benefit from safari tourism. That is to say, cultural safaris are meant to give you a chance to see how people who are far removed from western civilization live, so that you can get to know their daily lives and gain unforgettable experiences during the private safari. Doesn’t this sound exciting?




Walking safari

Walking SafariAfrican safaris hold a lot of excitement for hiking enthusiasts as well. Most countries have countless hiking trails, where we can take time to enjoy our favorite pastime during the time of the private safari. Be it in the bush, lush forests or hills, your experienced guides will help you to get to all of the exciting locations during your private safari, of course all of this will completely safe.




Bicycle safari

Bicycle SafariSeveral countries offer bicycle safaris in exciting but safe locations where you won’t be running the risk of being eaten by a lion. During the bicycle/mountain bike safari you will be accompanied by an experienced guide, who not only know the area like the back of his hand, but he himself also loves the thrills of bike safaris, so because of his enthusiasm he will be wanting to show you the most interesting things to see during the safari. It is with such a guide that an African safari becomes truly enjoyable.




Canoe/kayak safari, rafting

Canoe Kayak SafariSome of the African countries have exceptional natural features for canoe and kayak safaris as well as rafting. On the water you have the chance to experience wilderness from a completely new perspective! A private safari like this offers exceptional adventures without needing special training or abilities. Our team is ready to organize the perfect, tailor made water safari for you be it on the Zambezi Liver, the Malawai Lake, in Lake Manyara National Park or the Okavango Delta.  




Night safari

Night SafariA night safari in the African wilderness is always bound to be exceptional, since the bush will reveal a completely different side to you. Some species, which are not active during the day, live their lives at night, while others can only be seen in the light of day. An guide experienced in night safaris will accompany you here as well, since great care needs to be taken with the details so that they don’t blind or harass the animals and that the safari causes the least amount of upheaval in the natural order. Because of conservation policies night safaris are not allowed everywhere, and we will provide you with information about your possibilities.



Bird watching

Bird Watching SafariAll countries to where we organize private safaris have specialized safaris for bird watching, so we can say that a private African safari is an ideal vacation for avid ornithologists. The almost 1000 species of birds that can be found in African countries will no doubt provide plenty of engaging activities for the time of the luxury safari. As usual, on the private safari you will be accompanied by an expert guide who will introduce you to as many species as possible as well as proving you with all sorts of interesting information during the safari. It is from our own experience that we recommend you take a note book with you to the privatesafari, if for nothing else, then for you to make notes regarding the countless photos that you will take, after all it is not at all certain that you will remember everything that you saw during the luxury safari.


Gorilla trekking

Gorilla TrekkingOne of the most interesting safari experiences has always been observing gorillas in their natural environment. Unfortunately now days there are less than one thousand gorillas in the African wilderness, so a private safari like this is only possible with special permits and specialized guides. The most important countries in terms of gorilla trekking safaris, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo are do not count to be among the most crowded African safari destinations, in these countries you will find untouched natural areas, the likes of which you might have thought no longer existed on the planet. A gorilla trekking safari like this has unbelievable effect on people – it’s a wonderful and uplifting experience that is greatly enhanced by the guides who try to hand over all of their love and experience to the safari’s participants.



Mountaineering Repelling SafariFor those people who like challanges these types of special safaris are also available. Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro – whitch one would you like to conquer?





Private African safari – the perfect safari cocktail that we will mix for you.

The traditional group African safaris have a much more rigid schedule than a private safari. If you would like to take part in a more special safari experience, then you need to register for a thematic safari program from the outset. If your passion is photography and you would like to pursue this passion on an African safari, then we would no doubt recommend that you go on a private photo safari – if our main focus was planning of group African safaris – after all, as you could see for yourself above, there are a number of criteria that need to be met for a photo safari to be a successful safari.

Or if you were an enthusiastic hiker or passionate about flying safaris then we would recommend these types of special safaris to you, after all these safaris are bound to entail special adventures. 

But since our agency specializes in private African safaris, you will not need to make compromises in these questions. The agenda of the private safari is assembled for you so that everything you would like to do in luxury safari will be fitted into the program, which can include several different types of safari adventures. Here you will not need to accommodate for the needs of an entire group, you will only share your luxury safari experience with those who you want to. First we learn from you exactly what you expect from a luxury safari including your special wishes, and after this we recommend a private safari program for you based on these parameters. So if you would like to try out three (or five or ten) of the above safari types during a private safari, then we will most probably be able to find a solution for you. The only possible limit when planning such a private safari would be the features of a given country, for example the best destination for a golf safari would be South Africa, while for gorilla watching it would be Ruanda, or a canoe safari is obviously only possible where there is a large enough river for it.


If you feel that the benefits offered by a private safari are important for you, and you would like to experience these, you can request a quote by filling out this form, if you would prefer to write us the details of your luxury safari in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.