What does a private African safari offer that group safaris do not?

What does a private African safari offer that group safaris do not?

What does a private African safari offer that group safaris do not?


Group safaris VS private safaris

Living through the excitement of luxury safari starts well before you leave on your trip, or when you start selecting your clothes for your first tour into the wilderness. Our customers have told us that from the moment that they decided on an African safari, and they turned to us with the planning of the luxury safari, they were already experiencing the thrill. Choosing the country which will provide them with the perfect private safari experience, deciding on the ideal length of the private safari, looking over all of their possibilities – sights, special activities, etc – during the luxury safari, picking from among the different safari lodges, and the list goes on.

There are many exciting possibilities to choose from even if they arrive with relatively fixed ideas on what they would like to do. As stated above, the special character of a private African safari lies in that we can consider almost all of your special requests while planning the safari. We will decide on the cornerstones of the safari together, before moving on to the details until every moment of the safari will fit your dreams. As our clients have noted: it makes a huge difference when you leave on an African safari to know that every detail has been taken care of! And yes, the special five-step travel planning system that we use is also the exact opposite of what is the “standard” procedure.

The traditional agencies that plan chartered, group safaris in shits offer preplanned group safaris. Even when it comes to luxury safaris, the safari starts on a fixed date if there are enough (usually 20-25) participants, and the program of the safari is also fixed: what ends up happening is that you pay huge sums to go on a luxury safari in which you have no say what so ever. We need to state here that the group safaris are not worse than private safaris, and they satisfy the needs of a good number of customers. Since they travel on chartered transports, in groups, on well-proven routes, they stay in well-proven hotels and they visit well-proven spots during their luxurysafari, they get a wonderful African safari experience at a bargain price. However, our experience is that there is a small group of travelers who are not satisfied by this safari “model”: they are the ones who turn to us for help in organizing their private African safari. For them we are the ideal partners in planning a luxury safari, since they know exactly that the difference between a private safari and a group safari is like the difference between an off-the-shelf and a tailored suit. And after all, when they are preparing to go on the African safari adventure of a lifetime, to a country they will probably only end up visiting once, and they have invested a lot of time and energy into its preparation, then the price of the luxury safari becomes a secondary issue.

Our customers are glad to share their experiences concerning private safaris with us, and they tell us the most important things they considered when making their decisions: please let us share this information with you, so that you may decide if you would like to have a similar safari experience as our clients.


Here are the 14 most comon benefits that our clients emphasise about private safaris:

The date of the luxury safari: group African safaris operating in shifts have fixed dates, they are only launched in given times of year, so one can get stuck right at the beginning of planning a luxury safari. All of our clients noted that they appreciated the benefit of a private safari, which allowed them to give whatever date they wanted for when the luxury safari should start. This is important when one would like the time of the luxury safari to coincide with important dates (wedding, honeymoon, anniversary etc), but it also comes in handy when one has a fixed time off work.

Where does it start from, what is the route and the airline company? Another one of the important advantages of a private African safari is that you can start your luxurysafari adventure from any country or city on the globe. We have had African safaris set out from nearby airports (like Vienna), but we have also organized trips from the Near East and from other cities in the world.

The duration of the luxury safari: To the question of how long is an ideal African safari we get as many answers as there are travelers. This is why we would not like to limit the decisions of our future clients by offering them luxury safaris of a given length for them to choose from. After all the defining feature of a private safari is that it fits your dreams perfectly, providing you with a freedom of choice instead of compromises.

Countries to be visited during the private safari: Sometimes our World Travelers choose to discover an African country in more detail during their luxurysafari, and sometimes they specifically request that during their private African safari they go to as many exciting countries as possible: a luxury private safari which takes “a little of this and a little of that”. Whatever type of luxury safari is your dream; with our Private Travel service we are sure to find the solutions while planning your private luxury safari.

The private safari’s agenda: Unlike with groups safaris, where you have no say in what gets into the agenda, with a private African safari you have complete freedom in planning the safari’s program. At a consultation, which is part of our five-step travel planning system, our colleagues will assess your needs regarding the luxury safari, and they will only make suggestions regarding the agenda after this. This way we can accommodate your wishes concerning the program of the privatesafari, if these don’t endanger the safari’s quality or threaten your safety.

Safari lodges in the agenda: We devote special attention when selecting safari lodges to be included in the safari’s program, after all selecting the right lodge makes a significant difference in terms of the experience in an African safari. We feel that it is very important that our agency recommend lodges that meet certain standards, since a bad quality lodge can ruin the entire private safari experience. Of course we don’t just select camps that are in the “luxury safari lodge” category, since there are many more important aspects to consider when planning a private safari. We always make sure that the safari lodge conveys and authentic African atmosphere, after all you are going to be on a safari. We also feel that location is very important, since a well-situated safari lodge allows you to observe the wildlife even when you are taking a rest period. Furthermore, we only select safari lodges that place high value on the protection of nature into the safaris’ agenda, this criterion applies to all the partners that we select to work with. While maintaining these main principles we guarantee the freedom of selection to our clients when it comes to safari lodges as well.

Guides during the safari: as in other cases, during a private African safari we provide a local “native” private guide for our customers. Our customers have told us that a well-chosen guide can enhance even the otherwise perfect private safari experience. Imagine a guide who has grown up knowing the wilderness, who knows the history of even the last blade of grass, who will share with you exciting stories, who, as an insider can convey the spirit of Africa with every move he makes and word he says, who is know, and greeted as a guest everywhere he takes you during the luxurysafari, who will take you to places during the private safari that an average tourist hasn’t even heard about. Conveying the experiences of our clients we can tell you that the high point of a private African Safari is the local guide, to whom our clients were very grateful concerning every moment of the private safari.

Adventures of a lifetime during the safari: one of the biggest advantages of a private African safari is that one doesn’t need to accommodate the needs of a group; this makes it possible that we can fit special adventures into the agenda to meet the wishes of our clients. You will not need to go on special, thematic safaris, just to experience one or two more special programs that might spice up your private African safari.

Random pictures in the album: another advantage of not being part of a group during the African safari and having a local guide is that you can stop at any place and at any time where ever you want, after all the private safari is completely flexible and decided by you. What’s more, your guide is perfectly aware that later on these spontaneous pictures will have the greatest importance in your safari photo album, so he will do everything to give you the opportunity to take these during the entire duration of the luxury safari.

Authentic safari experiences: a private African safari is better suited to give you an authentic, real safari experience to take home, because there is no group and you have a private guide. You will be able to get closer to the animals during the private safari, since you will not have to accommodate 20 other people; it is just your wishes that will be relevant. This way you will be able to fit more authentic experiences into the safari’s agenda.

Going off the beaten safari path: there is no doubt that some of the most exciting memories you will have from a private African safari will come from those moments when you go off the beaten path, where you will feel that you have reached places in your private safari where no one has gone before you.

Safety during the entire safari: we hold it very important that, wherever you might go during a private African safari, however extraordinary safari experiences you might have, your safe should never be compromised.

We save you time, we make planning a luxury safari stress free: be it longer or shorter, to one or to many countries, the planning of an African safari can take days or even weeks while you sort out all the minute details. The Private Travel service was designed to provide a procedure where with the help of personal consultations we can save you this time, and we can take the stress of planning a luxury safari off your shoulders.

We guarantee that this luxury private safari will be the adventure of your lifetime: we considered it very important when designing our Private Travel service that we create a system which can guarantee that your trip will go according to expectations (or be better than that) no matter what the circumstances are. This was our goal when we were developing our five-step travel planning system, and also when we were choosing our local partners. With these we can guarantee that your private African safari will be the adventure of your lifetime.

Baggio Private Travel® is also different from other agencies that we never go into a price competition; our goal is not to organize the cheapest African safaris, but to fulfill your dreams by giving you the best possible value. We are very selective in accepting what kinds of private safaris and also how many African safaris we plan at a time; we would not like quantity to cost us quality. This is the real seal of quality that we offer you if you will ask us to organize your private safari.


If you feel that the benefits offered by a private safari are important for you, and you would like to experience these, you can request a quote by filling out this form, if you would prefer to write us the details of your luxury safari in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.