13 useful tips for planning a perfect luxury honeymoon.

13 useful tips for planning a perfect luxury honeymoon.

13 useful advises for planning the perfect luxury honeymoon


The luxury honeymoon and The five-step travel planning system

-       Start planning the luxury honeymoon in advance: if you are not going to choose a preplanned honeymoon package from a catalogue, because it’s important for you that every aspect of the luxury honeymoon be perfect, then we suggest you leave plenty of time for the planning of the honeymoon. This way you can ensure that every detail of the luxury honeymoon will be certain. This is a reassuring feeling especially if you are planning to have the exotic honeymoon right after the wedding, since as that ceremony approaches you will have more and more things to do. Another reason is that the best options are always first to be taken, this is the case with honeymoons as well: the more time you leave for the planning the more options you will have. The faster you decide on the details of the luxury honeymoon, the more time you will have further develop these details, to get the proper documents, etc. And finally by doing things early you will have the chance to get the best deals, the plane tickets, the hotels and other services are usually cheaper the earlier you make the reservations.  

-       Decide on the budget of the exotic honeymoon: when planning a luxury honeymoon it is crucial that you decide the budget in advance. In all parts of the world there is an overabundance of supply in everything from hotels to excursions plane tickets and other services; the price of some of these can vary a great deal, even in the same category. It makes planning very difficult if you are not certain about the exact budget and the possibilities of the honeymoon – for you and for the organizers. It is also important that you have realistic expectations when planning the luxury honeymoon – what does this mean? Ten thousand Euros might be a lot of money, but if you are planning a ten-day luxury honeymoon to Bora Bora, then it is not enough to finance such a honeymoon. But if you spend the same amount of money on a luxury Caribbean honeymoon, then you will be able to choose from the best options.

-       Decide on when and for how long you would like to go: the time you want to leave might be an important factor in planning the luxury honeymoon, after all there are different times when it’s ideal to travel to different parts of the world. Another factor is the time you would like to spend there, for example we don’t recommend you go on a week-long honeymoon to Tahiti as traveling alone will take up 3-4 days. 

-       What type of a honeymoon is your dream? Besides the location of the luxuryhoneymoon the most important thing to consider is the style of the honeymoon. A week of doing nothing on a small island? A tour? A little of this and a little of that? Even though there are commonly accepted ideal honeymoon destination, such as the Maldives, if you don’t like sitting in one spot, you shouldn’t choose this as you will go insane after the first three days. Luckily if you come to us for a consultation regarding the details of the luxuryhoneymoon or colleagues tell you about these types of drawbacks, after all we just have one goal when planning a luxuryhoneymoon: that we help our clients make decisions that are perfect for them.   

-       Location, location location! When you have decided on what type of luxury honeymoon is your dream, then we can look at some more specific options and even countries. Just like with a camera of a satellite, we can zoom in more and more on the ideal location of the exotic honeymoon: first the continent, the country, the region, then the closer surroundings, all the way to the type of hotel room. It is important that we go from the top down, it is our experience that that other way the perfect luxury honeymoon experience is not guaranteed.   

-       An exotic honeymoon destination that you have been to, or would you prefer something new? One of the questions that often comes up with couples when planning their luxury honeymoon is whether to go to a country or destination that they have been to, or to a place neither of them has ever visited. It can be romantic to go back to a place where they have been together, but it is our experience that the planning of an exotic honeymoon can be exciting to a place where neither of them has ever been.

-       One or more destinations in one honeymoon? This of course depends on what type of honeymoon is you dream, on how long you want to go, and to what destination. There are amazing parings in the world that are situated in the same region, and so can be easily linked during a honeymoon: an African safari with relaxation at the beach, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Java, Singapore or Hong Kong with Bali, and our list of similar honeymoon suggestions goes on. What is for certain is that in this case you will need to make sure to have ample time for the luxury honeymoon, after all if you spend too large a portion with traveling and packing your bags -that can influence the luxury honeymoon as a whole.    

-       What is the perfect hotel for you? An important aspect while planning a luxury honeymoon is choosing the right hotel, this is even more so if the hotel will become your home base for making excursions during your honeymoon. When choosing the ideal hotel it is not enough to just look at the number of stars, because as always the devil is in the details. A modern or a more tradition hotel? An “Adults Only” hotel specifically designed for young couples or a family oriented on where you might encounter a lot of children playing? Will it be at the end of the world or close to places where you could go out? Are you thinking about a classic room during your luxury honeymoon or a suite, or maybe even a separate villa? We have dozens of these questions that we ask our clients, so that they are assured the perfect luxury honeymoon experience. After all there is a huge difference between a luxury honeymoon where everything was fine, and a luxury honeymoon that was a perfect dream come true… 

-       Turn to the luxury honeymoon experts: in our section of honeymoons there are as much as 30 pitfalls that you might not even think about if we wouldn’t point them out during the planning of the luxury honeymoon. This is completely normal, after all being a professional travel agent is a full time job, a profession on its own. Of course now days it’s easy for anyone to reserve a plane ticket or a hotel room, but this is not the level of organization that we offer; what we want to know is what are the things that one has to keep in mind when planning the perfect luxury honeymoon. A professional who has organized hundreds of luxury honeymoons can make the planning of your exotic honeymoon completely stress free, what’s more he can guarantee that every detail of the luxury honeymoon will be perfect, so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises. Since a honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience we absolutely suggest that you consult with a professional in the matter: we can assure you that the person who wins the most with this will be you.  

-       Make all reservations on the girlhood name of the bride: this is an important part of planning a honeymoon, believe us, it is not be accident that we include it on this list, as we have seen a lot of things in the past years. Couples often start planning their luxury honeymoon well before their weddings, however after the wedding there is usually not enough time to get new documents with the changed names. So in order for everything to go smoothly (such as boarding a plane for example) we suggest you use your premarital names in all reservations.    

-       Don’t let things, which are apparently insignificant ruin your luxury honeymoon experience: here I would like to call your attention to a few “minor” things that may end up ruining your luxury honeymoon, but by paying attention to them you can avoid these situations. For example the issue of the proper sun screen is one of these: it is worth it to take sunscreen which is stronger than what you normally use, after all having to sit in a room for a few days can have some negative outcomes on a luxury honeymoon experience. Another thing is something to cover your head with; this can save you from the same sorts of troubles. We absolutely suggest that you pack a set of clothes in your carry on, as it can be very unpleasant when your suitcases only arrive to the exotic honeymoon destination a few days after you. Getting a beach bag or a “travel bag” can also be useful by holding everything comfortably it makes getting around during the luxury honeymoon much more comfortable. An extra battery and the appropriate chargers: there is probably nothing more frustrating than having your camera run out of power at a perfect time in the honeymoon.

-       Get the proper insurance! Since we arrange the details of the luxury honeymoon several months before the trip, we always advise our clients that they have cancellation insurance. Of course we know (and our clients tell us) that this is a honeymoon, and they would not like to cancel it under any condition, they would like to go on it no matter what, and nothing will happen in their relationship. The simple fact is that there can be any sort of previously unseen health problems, which surface right before the honeymoon, then often the entire budget is lost and we usually can’t even modify the dates of the trip. Since it is often the case that a luxury honeymoon involves a larger sum, we absolutely suggest that you insure this entre sum, so if there is any sort of unforeseen event the insurance company will refund 100% of the price of the luxury honeymoon. Over this we suggest insurances for illness, accidents, luggage, which you should get before departure, all of these can come in handy in the case of unforeseen events during the honeymoon.     

-       Always have additional cash with you: on the one hand we suggest that you always have with you some amount of cash during the honeymoon, even though in most countries most of the major credit cards are accepted, you might very well end up in a location during your luxury honeymoon where you will have no other options to pay with. Second we suggest that you take an addition 15-20% more money to spend than what your originally think, so that you can cover unforeseen expenses during your luxury honeymoon. 


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