What we offer in the planning of an exotic honeymoon that others do not?

What we offer in the planning of an exotic honeymoon that others do not?

What we offer in the planning of an exotic honeymoon that others do not?


The most important advantages to our World Travelers when planning a luxury honeymoon

Even now, a lot of our clients find us by way of recommendations from their friends, family members or even business partners, and they entrust us with the planning of their luxury honeymoons. This is a big responsibility for us, since when planning the luxury honeymoon on the one hand we have to meet the expectations of our past clients, as well as proving to our clients-to-be why their acquaintances praise us concerning a luxury honeymoon they have been on. We understand and appreciate this challenge and this is why we have developed our special Five-step travel planning system that can be used for luxury honeymoons as well, this will guarantee that every detail of the exotic honeymoon will meet your expectations under all conditions. With luck once or twice one can organize a good honeymoon, but if the agent can deliver the same level of service all the time, then that is something to pay attention to. This system allows us to stand before our habitual customers and those to whom we have been recommended, and say that you will have the same perfect experience on your luxury honeymoon as those who have recommended us to you. This system makes it possible that the exotic honeymoon will meet your expectations exactly no matter what the actual location of the honeymoon will be: Tuscany, Hawaii, Botswana or even Antarctica. In fact every one of our clients have told us that their goal with the luxury honeymoon was simply that, perfection. After getting to know this our task was simple: to create the system which can guarantee the perfect luxury honeymoon experience... And who knows, maybe you will be next to experience the advantages of Baggio Private Travel® during an unforgettable luxury honeymoon.

But what about those clients who entrust us with the planning of their luxury honeymoon but didn’t find us by way of recommendations? These clients have told us that they came to us with their plans of an exotic honeymoon because the other agencies could completely satisfy their needs, they didn’t offer such levels of customizability that we do. But what is the exact level of our flexibility?

We are about complete freedom, we don’t plan luxury honeymoon packages in advance, which we then try to sell to potential customers, and we don’t push other people’s exotic honeymoon packages on our clients. We take the time to have a honeymoon consultation with our clients where we get to know you and your expectations so that we can fit the details of the honeymoon exactly to what you want. It’s as simple as that. In the eight points below we will show you what the most important concerns of our clients were thus far when they were planning their luxury honeymoon.       

When planning their luxury honeymoon a lot of our clients find that they are interested in something else than the fashionable exotic honeymoon destinations of the times, where the crowds end up going. There have always been and always will be honeymoon destinations which attract the crowds, but for some this is puts them off. Our clients often tell us that when they are asking for assistance in planning a luxury honeymoon they are immediately offered these exotic honeymoon destinations, and in some cases they even try to convince them of one. This is not the way we work with our clients, this is the reason that we have introduce honeymoon consultations so that before we can recommend any destination to you, we will get to know you, and listen to what you want. Because the Maldives are no doubt one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but if you would like to make an excursion during your luxury honeymoon there your dream might soon become a nightmare. This is one of the reasons that we don’t offer one of the fashionable exotic honeymoon destinations right away to our clients, but let’s get back to specific honeymoon expectations. A lot of the time our clients ask us to suggest some place different from these trendy spots, a part of the world where a luxury honeymoon would be less touristy. Some of these places we have collected in our downloadable package of exotic honeymoon destinations.               

Another important need that we have to meet when planning a luxury honeymoon, is that the young couole would like to have experiences during their honeymoon that are not availabel in the regular travel catalogues. After all if the honeymoon is a once in a lifetime unique experience, isn’t it natural that you would want fitting adventures while on your luxury honeymoon? We thing so, and this is what we encourage you to believe!  


The 8 most frequently noted advantages of the Private Travel service by our clients.

Flexibility concerning the dates of the exotic honeymoon: if you work with us in planning your luxury honeymoon, you will not need to adjust to fixed dates of departure, fixed rotations or any other given parameters. You just have to tell us which date you want to depart on and that is it. Give us the date that you would like to hold your luxury honeymoon on, and we will arrange it. The trip will take as long as you have decided on, and if you fall in love with the location of the exotic honeymoon and would like to stay for longer, it takes just one phone call and we will arrange it. The place of departure is also not set in stone; it has happened before that a couple set out to the destination of their luxury honeymoon from different cities in Europe and around the world: for us this is not a problem. We don’t have a preferred airlines to make our life easier, so if you would like to travel to the location of the luxury honeymoon with a given airline or alliance we will be able to arrange it.  

Assistance in choosing the destination of the luxury honeymoon: There are three things that will decide if your exotic honeymoon will be an unforgettable experience or not: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! :) This is how important it we feel it is what country you end up choosing as the location of your luxury honeymoon. This first and most important step in planning a honeymoon is for us to get to know the dreams of our clients well enough that we can help them in this decision. This is of course the most important step in palnning a luxury honeymoon if you have not yet fallen in love with a parcicular location, but it has been our experience that some times the destination of the exotic honeymoon which has already decided on had changed based on some information that we have called our clients’ attention to. It is not a coincidence that we only accept (or decline) the organization of a given exotic honeymoon after a consultation: besides saving considerable amount of time in the planning of the luxury honeymoon, in some cases during our conversation we uncover pieces of informaion that end up completely changeing the details of the exotic honeymoon.  Based on feedback from our clients we are not going to change this policy.      

Help in selecting the ideal hotel: after selecting the ideal location for the luxury honeymoon comes the selection of the appropriate hotel. It’s important for you to know, that when you are organizing your exotic honeymoon with us, your selection is not limited to the list of our partner hotels. Since we are not working from a catalogue, what we offer is not restricted to a few hotels included in honeymoon packages as in the case of traditional agencies. The way we work with you in the case of your luxury honeymoon is just the opposite: first we get to know your needs, expectations and dreams, and after this we recommend hotels to be the locations of the exotic honeymoon, which meet these criteria. This survey, which is part of our special Five-step travel planning program, will help you and us in finding the perfect hotel for the location of your luxury honeymoon.         

Flexibility in the details of the luxury honeymoon: during honeymoon consultations it has become apparent that there are as many ideas about what the perfect exotic honeymoon is as the number of our customers, and that is the way it should be. What might be a dream for one can be a „nightmare” for another. This is why we don’t expect that you choose one from a number of preplanned luxury honeymoon packages, but we provide the opportunity for you to realize an exotic honeymoon that you have dreamed of. Based on the experiences of our customers, one of the primary benefits of this is that you will not have unnecessary elements included in you luxury honeymoon, only things that you really want: no more, no less.      

Guarantees that the luxury honeymoon will be as wonderful as we have promised: we are well aware of the fact that an exotic honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience, there are no second chances, everything needs to be perfect during the honeymoon. People choose us because this is what they expect from us, and it was to meet this need that we developed our special Five-step travel planning system, which is to guarantee the perfect luxury honeymoon experience. We don’t let chance play a part in the success of the luxury honeymoon; this is the least we owe to you, after you have entrusted us with the organization of your exotic honeymoon.        

Flexible organization of the exotic honeymoon: our customers are busy people. They have told us that it is a great service that during the planning stages of the luxury honeymoon we accommodate their schedules in everything: meetings, communication, payment constructions, etc.               

We save time: in this high pace time, fewer and fewer people have the time, even when it comes to the organization of a luxury honeymoon to spend days or weeks in front of the internet or to write letters to several different service providers in regard to their exotic honeymoon. One of the reasons that we introduced our policy of honeymoon consultations was that it saves several days or even weeks of time for you during the planning of the luxury honeymoon. It is no coincidence that our clients love this service...

We can make the planning of your exotic honeymoon stress free: instead of getting a readymade itinerary for your luxury honeymoon, we will assemble that together with you, based on the most important aspects that you give us during the personal consultation. This way we not only save you time, but we make the whole process of planning a luxury honeymoon stress free, so you won’t have to worry about anything. Even though the planning of an exotic honeymoon may be very exciting, it also holds some pitfalls for those who don’t have enough experience.     

Baggio Private Travel® is also different from other agencies that we never go into a price competition; our goal is not to organize the cheapest exotic honeymoons, but to fulfill your dreams by giving you the best possible value. We are very selective in accepting what kinds of honeymoons and also how many luxury honeymoons we plan at a time; we would not like quantity to cost us quality. This is the real seal of quality that we offer you if you will ask us to organize your luxury honeymoon.


If you find that the advantages above are important for you, then we recommend you have a honeymoon consultation with us, you can register for one by clicking here. If you would prefer to write us the details of your luxury honeymoon in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.