Who chooses us for planning their luxury honeymoon and why?

Who chooses us for planning their luxury honeymoon and why?

Who chooses us for planning their luxury honeymoon and why?


Choosing the partner for the luxury honeymoon

The first question to consider when planning a luxury honeymoon is would you only like to spend your honeymoon abroad or your wedding as well, after all these two options require different planning approaches. If you would like to hold a wedding before your exotic honeymoon, then this will determine some of the plans, since, for example it’s not possible everywhere you might go on a luxury honeymoon to,to hold an official wedding beforehand.  Of course if you have an official wedding at home and you would only like a symbolic one right before your exotic honeymoon, then that increases the possibilities. If you would like to hold your wedding aboard, then we suggest you take a look at our wedding page, and look us up for a consultation. On this page we deal specifically with luxury honeymoons, so that you can get a clear picture why people choose us when planning an exotic honeymoon, how our Private Travel service works when planning a honeymoon, this will help you in deciding if we are the partners you are looking for when planning your luxury honeymoon.

Statistics tell us that a lot of our customers find us through recommendations that they hear about us in connection with actual luxury honeymoons that we have planned. Their friends, family members, business partners return from their trips and recount the details, adventures and exiting experiences of their exotic honeymoon. Our new customers tell us that when hearing all about these luxury honeymoons they can’t help but ask who had organized the whole thing. :) They come to us, because when hearing these stories they become curious about what we are up to here at Baggio Private Travel® to make their friends rave about us, their luxury honeymoon planners. They arrive with great expectations; after all they want similar experiences and services when they are on their own exotic honeymoon.

It has happened quiet often that a young couple who have trusted us with the planning of their exotic honeymoon hears that one of their acquaintances is also planning something similar, and they direct send them to us, even before they themselves have left for their trip... We are lucky in that what we often get as a feedback from our clients is: “a trustworthy friend recommended you, and I wasn’t disappointed”. It has even happened that a couple who ended up not choosing us to plan their luxury honeymoon, because of their financial situation ended up sending their friends to us. But why are we telling you all of this? We know that a luxury honeymoon will be the most important event in your life since you have found each other (and gotten married). We know that a honeymoon is a unique experience in a lifetime, providing you with memories that will make you happy when you recall them on stormy winter nights. We are sure that a honeymoon is something that you will tell stories about to your children. We know that here there are no second chances; everything has to be just right for the first time. So if you are looking for the ideal partner in planning your luxury honeymoon, someone who will be able to fulfill your dreams down to the tiniest details, then the strongest reference that we can offer you is exactly the sentence above: “a trustworthy friend recommended you, and I wasn’t disappointed”.  

Perhaps none of your friends or relatives has yet experienced the benefits or your Private Travel service, and you have found us through browsing the net (or you have read about us some place). You are not alone, a large portion of our clients find us “accidentally” when they start planning their luxury honeymoon. Our experience is that those who end up choosing us for organizing their exotic honeymoon are very careful in making their choice, because they themselves are aware of the things we have outlined above with respect to organizing a honeymoon. These clients all read the references we provide, since they know that what other clients have said about us is the best source of information for them. We also give them the opportunity to get in contact with past clients of ours who have trusted us with the organization of their luxury honeymoon.


What we learned from the luxury honeymoons we organized

These clients have told us that they looked very carefully at the reference honeymoons that we have provided, since they wanted to know we, as their future agents, have the necessary experience, this is why we go through the trouble of showing you a lot of reference luxury weddings, so as to help you with your decision.

Our clients have told us that they specifically find our policy of not accepting the organization of all sorts of luxury honeymoons to be one of our main qualities; it’s not our goal that everyone travel with us. We select our clients and the trips that we plan, because we only accept to organize exotic honeymoons that fit our profile completely; this is in fact the most beneficial for our clients, as this way, buy decreasing quantity we can guarantee high quality service. Based on the experiences of our clients we see that with luxury honeymoons this policy is even more important, so we would not like to change it in the future.

Our clients have praised our decision to only start planning a luxury honeymoon with a consultation. Besides being able to save considerable amount of time during the planning of the honeymoon this way, we can also guarantee that the exotic honeymoon will meet your expectations down to the smallest detail. And this brings us to another important advantage that our clients have mentioned regarding luxury honeymoons: that with us all aspects and details of the honeymoon are flexible. We are not supplying luxury honeymoon packages provided by others, there are no preplanned templates that we are trying to sell to potential customers, we do not believe that one luxury wedding or honeymoon packed is suitable for more than one couple. We believe that we need to get to know our clients first, so that we can help them make the decisions that are right for them. This is what our clients expect from us, and not that we put a catalogue in front of them and try to convince them of buying a preplanned trip.

Another expectation that we have to meet is that we guarantee the quality of a luxury honeymoon: quality hotels, excursions, transfers, guides, that is every moment of the exotic honeymoon -for us the primary concern when planning a honeymoon is quality, and not the price. It’s important to note that for us it has never been a goal to provide the cheapest honeymoons for our clients, we are doing our work so that we can guarantee a level of quality in our services that we are happy to give our name to. This way you will be happy when you look back to every moment of your exotic honeymoon.   

We have developed our special Five step Private Travel system along these guidelines, so that on a luxury honeymoon we can also meet the expectations of our clients down to the smallest details. Does this mean that Baggio Private Travel® and the Private Travel service are an ideal choice for everyone who plans to go on a luxury honeymoon? No, on the contrary: we are only the right choice for people who hold the same values as we have discussed above when it comes to choosing their honeymoon planners.

You will be able to read more about specific advantages of the Private Travel service, and about who were ideal for (and who we are NOT ideal for) when planning a luxury honeymoon in the next chapter.    


If your main expectation with an agent is that your dreams about luxury honeymoon are realized down to the last detail, then we suggest that you partake in a honeymoon consultation for which you can register by clicking here. If you would prefer to write us the details of your exotic honeymoon in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.