A few destinations for official and unofficial exotic weddings

A few destinations for official and unofficial exotic weddings

A few destinations for official and unofficial exotic weddings


The key to a successful luxury wedding

In the past few years we have seen a rise in the organization of both official and unofficial exotic weddings. The choice of location for the wedding is a key factor for several reasons, this is why we often say that three things determine the success of an exotic wedding: LOCATION, LOCATION, and LOCATION! :) What we mean by the „success” of the luxury wedding (and the honeymoon after it) is that every detail be as good – or preferably much better – as you have imagined it. During numerous exotic wedding consultations we have realized there are as many dream-wedding destinations as there are young couples, and this is the way it should be. Or, to put a bit more bluntly what may be a dream for some might be a nightmare for others. It has happened that a young couple came to us for a luxury wedding consultation and told us that at another agency they were immediately suggested the Maldives as the location for their unofficial luxury wedding, after all that is the most beautiful spot in the world. This couple has just returned from Mexico and based on their feedback they will be forever grateful to us for first holding a wedding consultation, in which we looked at what they really wanted in an exotic wedding, before making any recommendations regarding the planning of the luxury wedding, and first of all the location of the wedding. While other agencies will drown them with „customized” wedding packages by e-mail, we will first of all sit down with them (or by Skype) for a nice chat, to get to know them, and will only send them our offers regarding the details of the exotic wedding after this. Based on feedback, our customers usually fall in love instantly with our proposals, so then the only thing left to do was to fine-tune the details of the wedding ceremony. It is no coincidence that we only agree to plan exotic weddings with our special Five-step travel planning system, one part of which is the wedding consultation: this will guarantee that even the smallest details of the luxury wedding will be exactly what you have dreamed about.

The first question that comes up with an exotic wedding is whether you are planning an official or an unofficial wedding? Why? Because in locations where there is a possibility to hold an official exotic wedding, there is usually the possibility for a symbolic one as well, this might not be the case the other way around. A symbolic luxury wedding can be arranged in countless countries of the world, the hotels, our partners are prepared for even the most unusual and extreme requests, because this type of exotic wedding doesn’t need any sort of preparation: this is not a legal wedding, which you will have to naturalize once you return home. This type of wedding is available from Cambodia through Europe all the way to the African wilderness; and this is why the wedding consultation is so important, because this is how we will be able to select the perfect location for you. If you would like to have a legal exotic wedding abroad that can be naturalized once you return home, then your options are a bit more limited, but we still feel that a wedding consultation is an absolute necessity. If you have already decided on a location for your luxury wedding then after the consultation your choice will either be confirmed, or you will end up choosing a completely different location. This has happened in the past, since as we gave our clients more details about their chosen destination, they ended up realizing that another exotic wedding location would be ideal for them. If you come to us as still undecided, or you have more than one possible location in mind, then we can promise that there will be a moment during the consultation when the ideal location of the exotic wedding will become apparent. Our clients have told us that what they liked in the way we did things was that we didn’t try to convince them of a give exotic wedding location (because we have good connections there, or we just like it, or it would benefit us), but that we helped them to decide on the ideal wedding location for them. The same way we don’t try to convince them of a given hotel or a luxury wedding package, after all we don’t have exotic or luxury wedding catalogues, premade templates and trips that we try to sell to our customers. The primary reason for having a wedding consultation is for us to find out what your expectations and dreams are regarding your exotic wedding.

We can only see after this if we can offer you a solution in planning your luxury wedding, what exactly that solution will be.

In terms of official weddings it is apparent that Tahiti or Sri Lanka offer completely different possibilities, and the same goes for, for example the United States or the Seychelles. But if you have to decide between Mauritius and the Seychelles? If we don’t know you, which one will we recommend for the location of the luxury wedding? Is the ideal location for an American wedding Las Vegas or New Orleans? Is the perfect destination for a luxury wedding in Tahiti Bora Bora or the island of Moorea? Believe us when we say, that like you we don’t have answers to these questions, unless we get to know you, until we have outlined all the details of the exotic wedding destinations to you. This is exactly the reason for which we have made the wedding consultation, since whit its help we can guarantee that you will choose the perfect location for your luxury wedding.  And believe us, the difference between a good exotic wedding and a perfect dream wedding, is like the difference between an off-the-shelf and a tailored suit.

An important factor to consider when deciding on the location of the luxury wedding is the types of activities you would like to do during your honeymoon after the exotic wedding. Mexico offers completely different possibilities to Mauritius and the same is true for Sri Lanka and St. Lucia. The choice of location is influenced by your interests be these more toward historical, cultural, mystical or natural wonders, and if you are interested in a little of this and a little of that, that’s where our colleagues can help enormously by assembling the perfect cocktail with their considerable experience. There might be specific needs regarding the luxury wedding ceremony, or the honeymoon after the exotic wedding that will in themselves decide the location of the wedding: unforgettable whale-watching, a bungalow above the ocean, a volcano tour, and the list goes on.

These details usually only become apparent after several exchanges of emails, but during the wedding consultation our colleague (using a method developed by us) will not miss a single detail, he will ask about everything that may be important when choosing the destination for the exotic wedding and the following honeymoon.


A few extraordinary wedding destinations from around the world

Above you could see why we feel that the right wedding destination for an exotic wedding is the key to its success. The wedding is the most important event in a couple’s life since they got to meet each other, and the couples who turn to us, expect that we give it the appropriate level of care. We know that a wedding is a once in a lifetime event, there are no second chances, and everything needs to be perfect. We have also noticed that our clients are people who would like to make full use of the exotic wedding destination, and besides just relaxing, they want to have unique adventures and experiences during the honeymoon following the luxury wedding.

For example if you choose to go to Maui, one of the fabulous islands of Hawai’i, and you would just like to lounge around the beach and the hotel for ten days following the luxury wedding, then we might not be the right agency for you, as you would not be taking full advantage of our Private Travel service: a more conventional agency might be better. However if you would like to take full advantage of the adventures that Maui has to offer after the luxury wedding, like whale watching, a volcano tour, snorkeling next to an uninhabited coral island, helicopter tour, sunset catamaran sailing, and riding a bike down from the top of the volcano all the way to the beach, then we are the ideal partners for organizing your exotic wedding and the honeymoon after that.

In what follows please allow us to present to you a few unique exotic wedding locations. We are not going to give you stereotypic details (white sands, palm trees, etc) instead when describing a wedding location we want to concentrate on whom this would be ideal for, and what sort of special activities are on offer.   


Bali, Indonesia

An exotic wedding in the spirit of „Tri Hita Karana”

Bali Eskuvo Westin

Bali is in itself an ideal location for an exotic wedding and a honeymoon, and besides its amazing features the neighboring islands are also full of excitement. First off, there are many possible routs that you could take to get there, so before the luxury wedding you have a chance to have a shorter stay at fascinating places like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or even Hong Kong; many of our clients take advantage of these possibilities if they are in that part of the world for their luxury wedding. If you are someone who is interested in culture and Buddhist temples, we recommend the island of Java for a stop before or after your wedding. The Singapore – Java – Bali route is one of the most popular ones among our clients, who want a unique Asian wedding/honeymoon experience. Lombok Island, which gives the impression as if it was a huge state park, and the island of Komodo, famous for its dragons are neighboring islands of Bali. But if you are interested in a really exotic experience after the exotic wedding Papua New Guinea will be sure to satisfy you.

But let’s turn back to Bali: why is this island such a unique destination for an exotic wedding or a honeymoon, why does it have such a lasting impression on those who visit it? Our experience is that this might be the effect of „Tri Hita Karana”, the spiritual trio of man, God and nature that permeates every corner of the island. For the location of the luxury wedding there are a number of great hotels to choose from if your dream is a classic exotic beach wedding, but if you are not set on the beach, the location of the party could be an extraordinary bar (Hu’u), or a chapel (Blue Point Chapel, Thirtha, Infinity), an exclusive villa (Shalimar, Karma), or a unique eco resort in the Ubud region (Como Ubud, Ubud Village Resort).  

Sometimes we get asked about the ideal amount of time to be spent on Bali after the luxury wedding, to this we can only reply: how much time do you have? :) You can visit a volcano, fabulous temples, traditional villages, a floating temple, holy places, you can take in the sunset from a unique spot, go diving, explore the monkey forest or other rainforests, you can get to know ancient rituals and traditional dances, ride an elephant, swim with dolphins, visit special hand craft workshops, ride a bike through rice fields, go rafting in picturesque rivers, and this just a few of the things you can do after your exotic wedding on Bali.

Official and unofficial weddings are both available on Bali.           


Hawai’i, USA

Official exotic wedding in the home of the Hula (Hula = traditional Hawaiian dance)

Hawaii Eskuvo Kauai

Hawai’i is an extraordinary place; it has always been one of the most popular choices for those who want to be more active during their honeymoon after the luxury wedding. There are fabulous natural wonders, and exciting adventures that await you after the wedding, perhaps one of the most difficult challenges will be deciding on which island you will choose for the exotic wedding and the honeymoon! As a part of the United States, Hawai’i is popular because you can incorporate a stopover in America on the way there as well as on the way back from your luxury wedding and honeymoon. Another way to do it would be to have a Hawaiian honeymoon after a luxury wedding elsewhere in the states, but let’s not get lost in the world of possibilities and stick with the option where both the wedding and the honeymoon are held on of the fabolous Hawaiian Islands. On the six Hawaiian Islands there are countless possibilities both for a luxury wedding and the adventures of the honeymoon afterwards, here we would like to present to you Maui, since this is one of the most popular exotic wedding destinations among our clients. The location of the wedding ceremony can be on the beach next to the hotel you have chosen, almost all hotels will be able to arrange this for you. If you would like an exotic wedding far away from hotels and tourists, we suggest Wailea Beach, Poolenalea Beach or Makena Cove. Also, if you are not set on a sea-side accommodation, but would still like a place near to nature, we offer the wonderful eco retreat villas and resorts in our repertoire, these all offer unique exotic wedding locations. If you are considering a church wedding, we can recommend the beautiful Country Church on Maui, but maybe you would rather hold your luxury wedding in amazing botanical garden (like Kula Botanical Gardens, Maui Tropical Plantation Gardens, Above Heaven’s Gate), or maybe even the elite Pacific View Country Club. If you would like to spice up your exotic wedding ceremony, we recommend you consider traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremonies.

And what about your choices after the wedding? The options are so plentiful that we can only mention some of them in list form here. Whale-watching, helicopter tours, eco tours (waterfalls, botanical gardens, ranches, etc). Sailing and other water sports, mountain biking from the top of the volcano to the beach, snorkeling on the picturesque Molokini coral island, traditional local markets, farms, volcano tours, golf, surfing, horseback riding, and this is just to name a few of the things that you could do after your luxury wedding.

Official and unofficial weddings are both available on the Hawaiian Islands.           


The Caribbean

An exotic wedding and honeymoon spiced up with the “Caribbean atmosphere”.

Karib Tenger Aeskuvo Kajman

With 7.000 islands, coral and sand reefs on nearly 3.000.000 km2-s: this is the amazing world of the Caribbean region, which is discovered by more and more people as a location for holding their official exotic weddings. And why is this? The answer is simple: here you can find everything! Contrary to some popular exoticwedding destinations where the possibilities are somewhat limited, the Caribbean holds at least three unique treats for the planning of the luxury wedding and the honeymoon following it.

The location of the luxury wedding can be a luxury hotel, a quaint Caribbean villa, a deserted island or an eco-lodge, the official exotic wedding can be the classical one on a white sandy beach, in a secluded tourist free spot of one of the islands, or even in a unique chapel. For the honeymoon after the wedding most of the islands offer a wide array of adventures: diving, snorkeling, sailing or other water sports, hikes exploring the islands, golf, eco-tours, safaris, or extreme sports. Everything is available from eating in traditional roadside shacks to “fine dining” restaurants. The luxury wedding and the honeymoon can be on one island, you can also discover many islands, or even include a Caribbean cruise.

There are several islands in the Caribbean region that offer official and unofficial wedding options, the most popular ones include: Antigua, the Bahamas, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, Cuba, St. Lucia, and Trinidad and Tobago.

An exotic wedding and honeymoon spiced up with the “Caribbean atmosphere”.


The Maldives 

Attention: recommended only for those who can sit in one place for a week! :)

Maldiv Szigetek Eskuvo Lux Maldives

Since the fantastic chain of the Maldives only offer the possibility of unofficial exotic weddings, this destination is not a potential wedding destination for many couples. Many of our clients come to us having already heard of or having been recommended these wonderful islands in the Indian Ocean as a location for their luxury wedding and honeymoon. It is a fact that the Maldives are one of the most unique and beautiful locations in the world: the small separate islands offer a remarkable experience, with most islands having only one hotel on them (not counting the ones that are fully urbanized) the whole experience can have a "Robinson Crusoe" feel about it. The islands offer unparalleled beaches with white sand as fine as flour, bungalows suspended above the ocean, and an extraordinary undersea life. If you are one of those people who has a hard time sitting still for more than a few days, we don’t recommend this region for an exotic wedding or a honeymoon, after all the same thing that makes the Maldives a dream for some, will make it a nightmare for others. For clients who can’t stay put for more than a few days, who like hiking, having adventures and extraordinary experiences, who are looking for a location where they can see the historical and cultural heritage before or after the wedding, we would recommend a different location. For these people the small islands will definitely prove to be boring. On the other hand for people who like relaxing and doing nothing, diving and would only like to lie around on the beach after the luxury wedding, the Maldives are one of the most ideal locations.

The Maldives don’t offer official (legal) weddings.        



A luxury wedding in “the exact copy of Paradise”

Mauritius Eskuvo

For those who are looking for an island in the Indian Ocean that offers an official exotic wedding, and would also like to experience a great number of natural wonders, we can recommend the island of Mauritius. This whole island is an exciting mix of colors, tastes, a pleasant climate, premium quality beaches, happy and hospitable people, amazing natural features, national parks, picturesque mountains and fascinating wildlife. After the official wedding, a world of activities await you, including golf, a diverse undersea life to explore for divers, fascinating eco-tours; this way you will have plenty of things to do even for several days.

Mauritius, where each smile holds the promise of an extraordinary wedding is often referred to as the exact copy of Paradise.

Mauritius offers both official and unofficial weddings. 



Exotic weddings and honeymoons in the land of the Maya

Mexiko Eskuvo One Only Palmilla

Mexico is a wonderful country that offers a lot more than what one would think at first. Of course everyone has heard about the pyramids, the forgotten civilizations, tequila and the sandy beaches. Believe us, as we speak from experience, when we say that this is just the surface of what Mexico has to offer. The ancient Maya culture, faith, love and respect for nature, and the protection of the heritage is so tangibly present in the daily life of Mexico that these things will be sure to leave their mark on you. The luxury wedding can be held on the beach or in an old chapel in a historical hacienda, you can chose between a modern or a more traditional wedding, which of course will be organized to fit your needs. We are the ideal solution for those who are not looking to stay at a crowded hotel in Cancun, but instead are thinking about a more unique location for their luxury wedding. We are for those people who would like to incorporate the mystery that Mexico has to offer into the details of their exotic wedding, and would like to discover this before and/or after the wedding. 

The intriguing ambience of the Zocalo (main square) in the capital (Mexico City); the breath taking pyramids of Teotihuacan, the view of the 1000 m high walls of the Sumidero Canyon, the taste of the spring of Hierve de Auga; the center of Oaxaca, the distinct clothes, the clamorous shoe cleaners, the ruins o Monte Alban and Mitla. The unbelievable wealth of heritage in the Yucatan peninsula, where you can find wonders like the ruin city of Palenque, engulfed by the jungle, Chitzen Itza, Uxmal, Tulum, each one of which would merit their own trips to this distant part of Mexico. These and other wonders await after the exotic wedding if you choose to explore the unparalleled wonders of this country. If you are interested in even more adventures after your luxury wedding, we have a lot more suggestions. 


The Seychelles

An extravagant exotic wedding

Seychelles Eskuvo Lemuria

Not even a painter could have scattered the 155 islands of the Seychelles in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean with his brush. Among them are remarkable granite islands such as Mahé, Praslin, Silhouette or La Digue; two unparalleled coral reefs: Bird Island and Denis Island; and luxury private islands such as Desroches, Frégate and North Island. For holding your official luxury wedding you can choose from one of the hotels on the islands of Mahé, Praslin or La Digue, but smaller private islands, which only have one hotel are also popular places for exotic weddings. The Seychelles are not only popular with wedding and honeymoon organizers, the archipelago is considered to be one of the premier vacation destinations on the planet. Because of this there is a large number of tourists year-round, however fortunately the islands have kept the feel of a paradise untouched: there are no huge hotel complexes (as in Varadero Cuba or the Dominican Republic), the hotels seem to melt into their tropical surroundings. Instead of crowded “public beaches” there are natural shorelines, this makes the organization of a more personal exotic wedding easier than on other islands. A lot of the hotels have separate bungalows, many with their own pools, and features to satisfy every need, while providing a private sphere for its guests. For the honeymoon after the luxury wedding, the options in terms of adventures are more limited than in a lot of other places, for example Mauritius, so the Seychelles are also primarily for those who love lounging around on the beach, but it does contain adventures and surprises for those who enjoy eco-tours. We whole heartedly recommend that you visit more than one island after your luxury wedding, explore a private island or a real eco-lodge like Bird Island, you will not be dissapointed.            


Sri Lanka

An exotic wedding in the land of miracles.

Sri Lanka Tradicionalis Eskuvo

1.330 km of shore-line (most of it untouched “original” shores), 15 national parks, almost 500.000 hectares of tea plantations, 250 hectares of botanical gardens, 350 picturesque waterfalls, about 250.000 rivers, bays, streams, lakes and other “waters”, and last but not least 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Its 2500-year-old cultural heritage is still shaped by the spirit of Buddhism, which is accompanied by the genuinely positive outlook on life of the locals. It is an exceptional destination for those who would like an exotic wedding followed by a honeymoon full of relaxation and adventures. Because of its location our clients often combine it with other destinations such as Dubai, the Maldives when organizing their luxury wedding or honeymoon.

Both official and unofficial weddings are available on the island of Sri Lanka.


Tahiti and her islands

A luxury wedding in this mysterious paradise in the Pacific

Tahiti Eskuvo Bora Bora

Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea wedding, honeymoon… One only needs to say these words and we find ourselves in a dream world! As part of the Society Island Chain Tahiti and her islands (Tahiti Nui, Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa, Rangiroa, Tikehau, Fakarava, Marquesas Islands) tucked into the turquoise waters of the Pacific are still considered as one of the most exclusive vacation destinations in the world. Often this is the first place our clients think of when they hear the terms exotic vacation or exotic wedding. Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea – are these really the most beautiful places in the world? Are they really the ideal location for an exotic wedding? We don’t know, what we do know is that after returning, our clients, many of who are well-seasoned travelers seem to be under the spell of the place. Here is a quote from a letter one of our clients sent us: “On Moorea we thought that there is no way this could be surpassed…but it can!!! We have only been on Bora Bora for about 3-4 hours, and we are having such a euphoric experience that we are almost in shock, I think not even a psychologist will be able to cure us!”

When people think of Tahiti they think of lounging around on the beach and bungalows above the water, but this region offers a lot more to those who visit it: we have about 100 suggestions for what to do on the island of Tahiti Nui alone, so even if the location of your luxury wedding will not be this island it still merits a visit, so as to get to know the region better. Moorea might also be an exceptional location for an exotic wedding and a honeymoon, besides its outstanding hotels there is a world of adventure that awaits you: diving, parasailing, coffee, sugar and pineapple plantations and other natural wonders, 4x4 safaris in the mountains, traditional villages. Most of the hotels on the island offer traditional Polynesian wedding ceremonies which will provide you with memorable experiences. This exotic wedding ceremony is not official, but there it is possible to have a legal wedding at the local administrative office, of course we will provide you with all the necessary information for this.       



Wedding in the land of opportunities

Usa Eskuvo

When it comes to official weddings the United States is one of our most popular destinations, and not without reason; this country is truly the land of opportunities when a couple starts to plan their luxury wedding or honeymoon. Besides holding a lot of opportunities, it is also an important factor that things in the United States tend to be simpler instead of being more complicated when it comes to the organization of a luxury wedding or honeymoon. Right at the start it is an important consideration that most major cities in the US are accessible with one change of flights in Europe, in fast and relatively inexpensive way. Of course this is not the most important thing to take into account when planning a luxury wedding, but it is definitely part of the whole picture.

As we have said above, holding an official wedding in the US is as uncomplicated as possible, and although this is also not the deciding factor when it comes to the planning of a wedding, it cannot be ignored, as is the case with every other minute detail. The greater allure is the wealth of opportunities that the United States offers for planning a luxury wedding or a honeymoon, by way of its shear size. It is difficult to even comprise a list of the possibilities starting from the sea shores through the pulsating metropolises to the exciting cites; so we are not even going to attempt to try this here. Luckily when planning a luxury wedding with us the first step is a wedding consultation where we get to know our clients and their expectations very well, this way we can incorporate those locations into the planning of their luxury wedding and honeymoon that are ideal for them. It sometimes happens that couple already has a set destination for their exotic wedding, and our job is to match an itinerary with this location, this is not a problem of course, after all this what the Private Travel service is for. Another exciting feature of holding a wedding in the US is that even in one location there is a wealth of possibility, matched by high quality service. It is our experience that the US is the best country in the world organizing and presenting experiences and adventures for tourists, we here in Hungary have a lot to learn from them. Many honeymoon destinations can be reached through one of the big cities in the US and this is also opportunity that can be used, whether it be for a short stopover, or as some of our World Travelers have done: have a luxury wedding there and go on a honeymoon form the city, whether it be to Hawaii, Tahiti or an island in the Caribbean. Which option do you prefer?   


If you already know the exact destination of your luxury wedding or you still need some help to find the perfect destination, you can register for a consultation by clicking here. If you would prefer to write us the details of your exotic wedding in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.