Why to choose us to organise a luxury wedding?

Why to choose us to organise a luxury wedding?

Why do more and more people choose us for planning their luxury weddings? 


Official, uniofficial exotic wedding

Have you decided on the day of your wedding; is one of the most important moments of your life together just around the corner? You have already decided that an official luxury wedding is your dream? Or are you still undecided about a luxury wedding or one at home, and would just like to see what your options are? What ever stage the planning of your luxury wedding might be at, our Private Travel service has a lot of exciting things to offer.    

My colleagues and I have experienced a considerable growth in official exotic weddings in the past three years. More and more young couples think that instead of spending money on a luxury wedding at home, they would rather spend it on an official exotic wedding. It’s true that usually wedding guests won’t be able to accompany them to a foreign country, but the price of a luxury wedding at home often covers the bill for a high class official exotic wedding (and honeymoon). They feel that the wedding and the honeymoon are one of the defining features of their life together, and if their dream is an exotic wedding, then they are allowed to be „selfish” enough to realize that dream.

Most of our customers, who go on an official exotic wedding and honeymoon, usually hold a party for their families and friends once they return, this way everyone is going to be happy. :)

Another request that we often get from young couples is that they would like to have an unofficial symbolic exotic wedding. These couples like more traditional weddings at home, but they very much dream about strengthening their vows in an unforgettable exotic location: it is to these couples that we recommend the unofficial exotic wedding option.

There are countless countries in the world where one can hold an official or an unofficial/symbolic luxury wedding. If you haven’t decided which type of exotic wedding you will want, then we absolutely suggest that you join us for a consultation free of charge, during which we can share with you lots of useful experiences regarding the planning of official and symbolic exotic weddings.


You can register for a luxury wedding consultation by clicking here, if you would prefer to write us the details of your exotic wedding in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.          


Our experience tells us that those couples who turn to us with the organization of either official or unofficial exotic weddings don’t differ in their main expectations regarding their luxury wedding. Since they know that their wedding will be one of the defining moments of their life together, their main expectation of us is, that the exotic wedding be perfect down to the smallest detail. The wedding is a once in a lifetime event, so it needs to get the proper attention, precision and professionalism. They wouldn’t like to be sold just any sort of official exotic wedding package, what they want when planning a luxury wedding is that they be assisted in making the decisions that are ideal for them. And why are we the ones who will eventually organize these exotic weddings?

Based on feedback from our clients, the primary reason for them selecting us for organizing their luxury wedding are good references. But it often happens that a good friend of theirs, or even a family member of business partner has already experienced our services in planning an exotic wedding. If some people don’t find us by way of recommendations, but we turn out to be the ideal partners for planning their exotic wedding, they end up having the same expectations of us as our clients described above, whether their dream is an official or an unofficial luxury wedding. They are not satisfied by conventional, dime-a-dozen solutions, or average wedding packages that are available for everyone.

They often have unique demands regarding an exotic wedding, be these small details or more fundamental aspects; be this as it may, wedding packages offered by traditional agencies, don’t offer the same level of freedom when planning an exotic wedding as the Private Travel service offered by us. With a traditional exotic wedding package they don’t have a say in how it’s organized, what our clients usually experience is that in these cases they often have to make compromises in their luxury wedding. But our clients feel that an exotic luxury wedding shouldn’t hold any compromises, mediocre and unnecessary elements: an exotic wedding is just theirs, so it should be as unique as they themselves, reflecting their shared dreams.

These expectations are shared by all of our clients, no matter if they want an official or an unofficial exotic wedding; these expectations are embodied in our Private Travel service, which guarantees to you that your luxury wedding will be exactly what you have dreamed about.   


You can register for an exotic wedding consultation by clicking here, if you would prefer to write us the details of your luxury wedding in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.