Benefits of luxury villa rental as compared to luxury hotels

Benefits of luxury villa rental as compared to luxury hotels

What are the concrete benefits of luxury villa rentals as compared to luxury hotels?


Villa rental VS luxury hotel

The most common reason that comes up when planning a luxury villa rental on the part of the clients is that after the rush of everyday life, they want to be the guests of a villa that provides them with a perfect relaxing experience and privacy. According to our customers this is the most beneficial part of our luxury villa rental service, since as a guest at a luxury hotel it is much harder to get away from the crowds, with a luxury villa on the other hand, if its well chose, this comes naturally. Another benefit of a luxury villa rental is that a villa can bring a group together, living under one roof deepens personal relations. Since often times families and groups of friends are the ones using the luxury villa rental service, it is understandable, why they place a special emphasis on this as a feature of luxury villas. Another possible benefit is that since the villa is closer to local life, you will have the opportunity to see how the locals live.

When asked about the benefits of luxury villa rentals most often our clients mention things that luxury villas offer as a plus when compared with luxury hotels.

Depending on certain details luxury villa rentals and a luxury hotels are in the same category, but it might even be the case that if depending on how you use the services offered by luxury villas, they might even be cheaper then luxury hotels. But since this was not the primary factor raised by our clients concerning luxury villa rentals so we will not concentrate on this here, because our experience is that those clients who are thinking about luxury villa rentals is primarily concerned with specific benefits offered by the villa and its more important parameters. Even if they are not completely sure about this factors, as they are as yet uncertain about their final destination, but they know exactly for what occasion they would like to rent a villa and what their expectations are that need to be met by the luxury villa rental. When we have ascertained what your most important goals are in terms of the villa rental, our job is to find the perfect villa and to guarantee that stress involved in the luxury villa rental will not fall on your shoulders, so that the only thing you should concern yourself with is that you have a good time as the guest of your selected villa.


Luxury villa rentals: luxury with no strings attached – what are clients’ opinions?

On average we can say that a good quality villa has most of the amenities that one would expect from a five star luxury hotel. This includes a SPA, wellness services, staff and any services/facilities that you might hold important; now days there are villas to satisfy even the most special needs in most destinations around the world, as we have seen above. A luxury villa rental has everything that a luxury hotel, but without the crowds. Moreover, as is evident from the feedback of our clients, luxury villa rentals can offer more than this. Lets look at the 8 most frequently cited benefits: 

-          luxury villa rentals and the perfect location: the perfect location is not the same for everyone, there are some people for whom the ideal luxury villa is right next to the beach, while for others its is near the center of an island. For some its important that the villa be near a bustling centre, while for others want their villa as far away from the noise of the city as possible. For each of us there is an ideal villa location, this is why the ability to make choices in this has been highlighted as a major benefit of luxury villa rentals.    

-          luxury villa rental – a much more discreet vacation: you and those that you would like to see are the only ones who are permitted on the grounds of the luxury villa. Since the villa is just yours, all of its services and facilities, like the pool or the sunbathing terrace are for you only. You can forget the battle for tanning beds, for the best spots next to the pool, standing in line for services offered by the villa. There are no crowds, thousands of other guests, this is why the villa offers a more peaceful, quieter, more romantic, and on the whole, more enjoyable vacation.  

-          more space for you vacation: a luxury villa usually offers much more space for your vacation than a luxury hotel. The villa has bigger bedrooms and bathrooms, than the suite of a luxury hotel, further more a villa guarantees that both children and adults have their own bedrooms. So during a family vacation, a villa will give the necessary private space for everyone, but right next to each other, within a safe distance. This is usually very important for parents during a luxury villa rental. Couples who are friends, or colleagues can also enjoy a vacation together, with out having to forgo their private spaces during the time of the luxury villa rental.

-          more comfort: most luxury villas are built to resemble family homes, often times the villa functions as a second home, this way right after arrival you will feel more at home than as a guest of a luxury hotel.

-          completely customized services: due to the exponential growth of luxury villa rental services, now days one can find quiet a few luxury villas in any given part of the world that completely satisfies the needs and expectations of its guests. It can be said, that it is difficult to make a request of a luxury villa rental that cannot be fulfilled. It is a popular service when the price of the luxury villa rental includes the services of a personal „concierge”, a professional butler, who helps you in what ever you want, whenever you want it. He is discrete and hardly noticeable, with out disturbing you in your peaceful relaxation – but always ready to be at your service. This is of course just one of the possibilities offered by luxury villa rentals that are available for you. 

-          there is no standing in line: forget getting up early (usually a luxury hotel serves breakfast until 10) and standing in line for breakfast, the pushing and shoving during dinner. In most cases the price of the luxury villa rental will include the use of a well-stocked kitchen, so you can eat what ever you want, when ever you want it. If, during you luxury villa rental you would not like to fuss around with this, then there are villas everywhere that come with an in house chef, who will prepare your favorite foods instead of giving you a menu, or even teach you the local recipes in an ad hoc culinary class.  

-          there are no vacation rights, other membership fees: you come and go as you please. You choose the villa that you feel will gives you the best offer.   

-          even more extras: in many cases the price of the luxury villa rental includes services that would cost your extra in many luxury hotels (WI-FI, laundry for example).


If you feel that these benefits are important to you, and you are thinking of organizing the perfect luxury villa rental, please click here to download our travel request sheet, if you would prefer to write us the details of your luxury villa rental in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.