When are we the appropriate agents when planning a luxury villa rental?

When are we the appropriate agents when planning a luxury villa rental?

Who are we the ideal partners for when it comes to planning a luxury villa rental (and for whom are we NOT)?

The Private Travel service is an exceptional choice when it comes to luxury villa rentals, since its main goal is that during the planning all of your dreams, goals and expectations are realized. Nonetheless, there are some situations when we are not the best partners when it comes to luxury villa rentals. We accept this, so please let us present a few useful bits of information to show you when we are the prefect partners for a luxury villa rental and when we are not:


For whom is Baggio Private Travel and ideal choice?

-      I am planning to go on a unique, once-in-a-lifetime trip, so the received values are more important for me than making the luxury villa rental as cheap as possible.

-      Before I chose who should plan the luxury villa rental, I research several agencies thoroughly, and make my decision based on what I find.

-      I am planning to celebrate a wedding, honeymoon or another important event: something like this happens only once in a lifetime, so I would like it if every detail of the luxury villa rental was perfect, and our trip would be truly exceptional.

-      I have unique requests, and I ask a lot of questions, because of this I am often considered to be a problematic client.    

-      I am very busy, it is very important for me that I save time whenever I can, and that I make the planning of my luxury villa rental stress free.

-      I am looking for extraordinary, unique, unconventional, extreme and spontaneous programs during the luxury villa rental. I would like the organizer of the luxury villa rental, to help me in this as well. 


When are we not the ideal partners in planning a luxury villa rental?

-      For me the most important aspect of planning a luxury villa rental is price. 

-      When planning a luxury villa rental I have several companies compete against each other, that is to say I ask for offers for the same luxury villa rental from different agencies.

-      I am not a difficult case, I don’t ask a lot of questions, and the same goes fro a luxury villa rental, what ever I am offered first I accept.

-      I have plenty of time to organize a luxury villa rental, in fact I can spend days or even weeks with the planning.

-      I am interested in the cheapest houses, the quality of the villa is not a concern, my only goal is to get the rental as cheap as possible, as long as I don’t live in a hotel.   


If you feel that you belong into the first group, and would like to experience the benefits offered by the Private Travel service in terms of luxury villa rentals, please click here to download our travel request sheet, if you would prefer to write us the details of your luxury villa rental in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.