9 Tips for the perfect private island rental

9 Tips for the perfect private island rental

What should you keep in mind when planning a private island rental?

Since 1963, when Scorpios Island was bought by Onassis a large number of islands have exchanged hands and are now privately owned, one of the most well known private island brokers has sold more than two thousand private islands in the past few decades. One of these private islands changes ownership almost on a daily basis, which means that number of rentable islands is quiet considerable now days, there are no demands that private island rentals could not satisfy. On the one hand this is good, since you can choose from a multitude of options be your destination the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean or New Zealand. On the other hand thanks to this over abundance private island rentals have posed such difficult choices as now, and we recommend that you seek the help of a professional. If you entrust us with organizing the private island rental, we will guarantee our expertise and we will support you in any way possible during in the arrangement of the private island rental. During an in dept consultation we will get to know your expectations your demands and your dreams, and when it comes to choosing the perfect island we will represent your interests during the administration of the private island rental: we will ask about things that you might not have thought about, we will get better terms for you, we will assist you in the formulation of the contract, all-in-all we will make the private island rental completely stress free for you.

Whether you choose us or not, here are 5 useful tips that you should keep in mind when organizing a private island rental.


A 9 points checklist for planning a private island rentals:

-          choosing the ideal location for the private island: the location of the island is the first and most important thing you should consider when deciding on a private island rental. When renting a private island one has to consider different things than when renting a villa or reserving a room in a luxury hotel. When renting a private island it is best if one looks how one gets there and then how does one get back to civilization afterwards. Naturally a lot of people choose the private island rental service precisely because it an island is difficult to get to, so peace and quiet are guaranteed, but it strongly advised that you look into how you can explore the surroundings of the island, what kind of possibilities are there for special ways to spend your time (hunting, fishing, hiking...etc), if the island would become a little too uneventful after a while. It is also a good idea to look at how one could leave the island the fastest, if for what ever reason you have to cut your vacation short and return home. When deciding on the location of the private island rental, it is also advised that you look at what the expected weather might be: the right climate and time are crucial to the success renting a private island. We can start organizing the private island rental from what ever side you choose, the date of the time off work, the location of the island, or its climate.  

-          Do you know what your exact expectations are with relation to the private island: the location of the island, adequate size and climate, the number of guests the island can accommodate, the island’s style, its facilities, dining possibilities (especially if you have special needs), the services offered on the island – and since you are going to be a guest of a small secluded private island, every tiny detail might be important when planning the private island rental. We have a method that has served us well when we organized private island rentals, although we feel that it can be useful in other circumstances as well: 1. make a complete list of things that you are expecting from the island, if there are more families or couples traveling, have each of the make such a list. 2. prioritize the factors involved in your private island rental. Is the most important the price? The location? The environment? The island’s size? Pools, wellness and SPA services? Other services of the island? Believe us, as when we say that this simple method will be very useful in your private island rental, we speak from experience. 3. If you have prioritized your list then compare it with the list of the others, and decide on the five most important factors, that you will keep in mind when organizing your private island rental.  

-          turn to experts in private island rentals: you can find a lot of advertisements on the internet that offer private island rentals. However, if you employ a professional, your chances of finding the perfect solution increase. The agent takes care of the entire organizing of the private island rental (lots of emails and phone calls), and you have someone to turn to if there is any sort of unforeseen complication that arises during the private island rental. Consider the private island rental professional as a therapist: tell him everything that is on your mind regarding the private island rental, your needs, your worries, your goals and your dream; the more the organizer of the private island rental knows, the more he can help you. And the best part is that it is not you how is not paying for this, but the owner of the island.

-          ask the correct questions when planning a private island rental: we find it exceptionally important that you take active part in the planning of the private island rental, by asking questions. We always encourage our clients to ask questions no matter where they might be traveling, and under what conditions (one of the mottos of our company is: there are no “stupid” questions, just ones that haven’t been asked). And this is no different when it comes to private island rentals. The golden rule is: never take anything for granted during a private island rental, always ask direct questions about everything! It is worth it to do your homework when planning a private island rental, it will save you a lot of trouble, or just leave this to the private island rental professionals, and we will take all the burden out of it.            

-          lets mind the details, that’s where the devil resides: taking the previous point a bit further, we think that this is self evident, and it is even more important when it comes to private island rentals since in this case after you arrive there will be no escape.

-          Lets think things through in advance, start organizing the details of the private island rental in time: "The best island is always the first one to go." And this is the perpetual question, which often arises when planning a private island rental: "will it be best if I reserve in advance, or should I wait for last minute offers?" It is possible that one gets lucky and finds a perfect offer at the last moment, however the most experienced companies all around the world that offer private island rentals, suggest that depending on the season you start planning your private island rental 5-8 or even 12-14 months in advance, after all don’t forget: „it is always the best island...”

-          always ask for the references of the island: but not just for the island also for the agent organizing the private island rental! It is our experience that when planning a private island rental it is best if you are in the right hands, that a professional helps you with your case. This is why our agency provides all the necessary information to its clients, including the references for the island itself. When we are talking about private island rental services, we find it important that our clients get to know the opinions of previous guests, after all what can be more genuine information for you?

-          record the details of the private island rental in writing: we recommend that whether you rely on the help of a professional travel agent during the planning of the private island rental, or you are organizing your trip yourself, always write down the details. If you are employing our help in the organization of the private island rental, there will be no other way to do it, in this your and our interests are the same.

-          make sure that you have the proper insurance: we find it important that you make sure to get the proper insurances when planning a private island rental. There are three important things to keep in mind during a private island rental: 1. cancelation insurance: we start planning the details of the private island rental usually about 5-8 months in advance, in that time a lot of things can happen. Also the costs associated are usually fairly large, and the cancellation insurance, (with out a deductible) pays for 100% of the price of the private island rental if anything unexpected should arise. 2. liability insurance: our agency recommends getting an insurance for the duration of the private island rental that cover damages that might arise in the facilities of the island. 3. traveler’s insurance: accidents can happen even during a private island rental we suggest (and not only for private island rentals) that you never travel without insurance.


If you think that you would rather have professional assistance in organizing your private island rental, please click here to download our travel request sheet, if you would prefer to write us the details of your private island rental in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.