Why would you want to stay at a luxury hotel, if you could have your own island?

Why would you want to stay at a luxury hotel, if you could have your own island?

Why would you want to stay at a luxury hotel, if you could have your own island?


Trends in private island rental from '63 untill now

The beginnings of the private island trend can be traced back to the 1960’s; it was at this time that first private islands were sold all around the world. The legendary Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis was held his wedding (with Jacqueline Kennedy) on Scorpios Island, which at the time was already his private island that he had bought in 1963 from Greece. Before this time it was the family home that he shared with Maria Callas, the opera singer. In 1967 Marlon Brando bought the Teteiaroa atoll, made up of 12 islands, a marvel of French Polynesia. Now the sole inhabitant of these 12 islands is Brando’s son, who will soon open a six star nature friendly hotel (The Brando), which will be the jewel of these private islands as well as that of the world of luxury travel. In 1978, the 28 year old Richard Branson (now Sir R. B.) of Virgin bought Necker Islandin the British Virgin Islands as his private island, which he later developed into a blooming paradise: now renting an island here will cost about 50.000 dollars a night. The popularity of private islands has since increased and is still on the rise, now a lot of celebrities own private islands. A few years ago Mel Gibson was facing the decision of returning to the acting world from his successful run as a director: he wanted some peace and quiet and this was guaranteed to him by Mago private island. He took a liking to the island, which he later bought. If we look at the list of people who own private islands we will find several more film stars, Formula 1 pilots, pop stars, media personalities, and famous (or infamous) millionaires.

Of course, now as always owning a private island is the privilege of the super rich: however it is possible for anyone to get a taste of this life.

Now days more and more private islands are available for rent in their entirety; this way you can have an island all to your self, to share with only your guests. One of the most common reasons for private island rentals is just this, the sense of privilege: to get a taste of the life of the ultra rich, a fascinating and mysterious universe of its own. Even though private island rentals have gained in popularity, up until now they have been the exclusive domain of the privileged few percent. This fact, that private island rentals will never become the victims of mass tourism, makes it very attractive for the wealthy – this is not for everyone.  

According to recent statistics, the number of the super-rich is on the rise, more and more self made millionaires are being flown to their second (or third) homes, business meetings, or weekend golf matches aboard their private jets. This means that there are more and more people who can afford a private plane (or a private island), and other such luxuries. Next to private planes the private island rentals have also seen an increase; new business models have come into fashion. Island rentals have gained in popularity not because people want to own such an island; they are drawn by the experience of pleasure that can only come from living on a private island.   


Private Island – a safe distance from the crowds of tourists

What is the unique feeling that is the primary motivation for those who use the private island rental service? Surveys tell us that this is none other than solitude, the completely intimate holiday: private island rental grantees the safe distance from the crowds of tourists, the less fortunate crowds and any other disturbing factors. For the people who choose private island rentals there could be many such disturbing factors, depending on what walks of life they come from. For a film star, a public figure or a celebrity the primary reason for a private island rental is to shut out the public, their primary consideration is to be out of view of the paparazzi and the gossip hungry tabloids. For a CEO or a successful broker who makes use a private island rental the disturbing factors are the incredible stress of every day work, the immense responsibility that they owe to others, so they are after the perfect relaxation.

For a successful businessman or company owner, who actively partakes in daily work and bustle, and who risks his and his family’s existence daily, a private island rental primarily means shutting out the noise of daily life. Whatever the reasons, the main goal always seems to be a state of serenity among those who were surveyed in terms of private island rentals, for them a private island is the perfect getaway. The type of private island that ends up being the destination of this get away depends wholly on personal taste, be it an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a small cozy islet in the Caribbean, or a rugged island off the windy coast of England. It is also wonderful if this private island is only accessible by private plane, helicopter or hydroplane, but it is best if all three are required.   

What is your main reason for using indulging in the privileges of private island rentals?    


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