What are we offering that traditional group tours do not?

What are we offering that traditional group tours do not?

What are we offering that traditional group tours do not?

Your dream is a unique and unforgettable tailor made tour? Our world traveler customers, who love tailor made tours and like diversity, want to explore the most beautiful countries of the world, distant lands where one only gets to once in a lifetime. Before going on such a tailor made tour they will do thorough research; often these people find us by asking for advice from their close friends or business partners, people who have already experienced the benefits of tailor made tours. Most of them will be instantly drawn to the benefits of tailor made tours, decide on the spot that they will choose us as partners in planning their tailor made tour.

Based on their experiences we can state that most of our clients end up with us, the experts on tailor made tours, because the other agencies are not capable of satisfying their needs concerning a given tailor made tour.

Concerning details that were important to them, they often met with strong resistance when planning their tour, with us, the experts on tailor made tours, these problems are easily solved by our Private Travel service. This is why, below we want to share, with you, one of our future World Travelers, experiences of some of our clients who have chosen us after more traditional agencies and the group tours that they were offering made the tours that they were planning impossible.

On the other hand you might find useful some experiences our clients have had that involve the “benefits” of group tours, they can tell you exactly what the differences are between these and tailor made tours.


Here are some of our clients’ favourite benefits of tailor made tours:

- When are the tailor madetours? Group tours are usually only organized once or twice a year, at fixed dates. Further more in order for the tour to start there need to be 20-25 participants. Tailor made tours organized by us are whenever you would like them to be: you tell us the exact date of when you want to leave, and that is when the tailor made tour starts. So if you want an important date or anniversary to fall within the time of thetailor made tour, or if you just simply have fixed dates for your vacation, then tailor made tours are ideal for you.

- Where does the tailor made tour start from? A given tailor made tour can start from any city in the world. So, for example if you live closer to Vienna then to Budapest, or if timetables are better from there to the destination of the tailor made tour, then it can be arranged without a problem. Furthermore, if you live in any other city in the world, be it in Europe, the Near East or even farther, the tailor made tour can start from there, you don’t need to fly home. Of course if you would prefer to spend a few days at home before the tailor made tour we can arrange that as well. The important thing here is the same as in the case of the other aspects of the tailor made tours: the decision is yours.

- The duration of the tailor made tour: traditional travel agencies organize tours in shifts, so you don’t have a say in its duration. As opposed to this tailor made tour gives you the freedom to make a given tailor made tour as long as you would like it to be. If it turns out that you have fallen in love with a location by the end of your tailor made tour and you would like and extension, or on the contrary you have to return home for some reason, you just have to give us a phone call and we will arrange it.

- What route do I take and how do I get there? When we start out planning a tailor made tour, the decision concerning the route and the airline is yours. So if you would like to spend a few days in a country on the way to your desired tailor made tour destination, we can arrange it. Since this part of tailor made tours is also flexible, we can take into consideration your frequent flyer membership or any other considerations of comfort (business or first class), after all there are other options than budget airlines, and there are more than one ways to get to a given destination. Our well-traveled colleagues are at your service in this area as well, so that your tailor made tour will meet your expectations like a well-tailored suit.

- You don’t need to accommodate a group of 20-25 people during your tailor made tour: if it is a primary concern for you that you don’t want to have to accommodate to a group during your tour, then a tailor made tour is an ideal solution for you, since you will only need to share your trip with those who you really love. You will feel a lot freer in each moment of the tailor made tour, here everything is set according to your taste, it’s no surprise that most World Travelers praise this aspect of tailor made tours.

- The tailor made tour’s agenda: traditional travel agencies organize a set agenda of their tours, and this is what they sell to potential customers. You don’t have a say in any aspect of the tour’s agenda, so you are forced to accept compromises in the details of the tour. The only thing that you have a say in is whether or not you want to partake in the optional programs of the tour. According to our customers even the best group tours that they have been on included “touristy” things (tourist traps) and programs that were disappointing: group tours are geared towards achieving the best price-quality ratio, that is to say they are organized in the most cost effective way. This is why a given travel agency organizes tours with the same hotels, restaurants, shops...etc. In the case of tailor made tours we will work with you to organize your program that will be completely customized after we have gotten to know your specific wishes. This way tailor made tours will not contain unnecessary things: the tailor made tour consists of what you want, no more, no less.

This is an aspect of tailor made tours that is praised by almost all of our customers.

- Hotels during a tailor made tour: group tours usually don’t offer a selection in terms of the hotels that are to be used during the trip. Our customers told us that the usual description for these tours is: “accommodation during the tour will be arranged in mid range hotels”. If the hotel is located in the center, then it is usually of lower standards, if it is on the outskirts, then it takes a long time to get into the center, and when on a tour it is also important what happens after the end of the day’s program. A lot of our customers like it if they have some free time during the tailor made tour so they can explore for themselves. We organize the accommodations just like the agenda of the tailor made tours, by fitting everything to your needs. This way we can guarantee that after a successful day’s events you will have the hotel accommodation that is perfect for you.

- A private local guide during the tailor made tours: we, just like our World Travelers, love tailor made tours, so we understand why our experienced World Travelers want to rely on the “local Joe” for guidance during their tailor made tour where ever they might go. They know that with the help of a local guide they can go to places that regular tourists haven’t even heard of, and during the tailor made tour they will learn things that are not included even in the best guide books. They don’t need to accommodate someone else during the tailor made tour since they have a private guide who only works with them. It is no coincidence that our experienced clients claim that they can’t imagine a tour in any other way.

- The time of rigid, tightly scheduled tours is over: in a group tour it is common to have five minute coffee and cigarette breaks, after all having 20-25 people on the tour group means that there needs to be order, people need to keep to the usually tight schedule of the tour. Compared to this, during a tailor made tour one can take as much time at each sight as one wants to. Instead of having a rigid schedule, a tailor made tour can accommodate several spontaneous stops, according to our customers often these stops are what become the highlights of the tour, and these are the places where the really interesting pictures are made for the tour’s photo album.  

- Is the tour really going to be as special as it is in the catalogue? Our customers told us that previously when preparing for the tour they were very anxious about whether or not the trip will be like what they were told, that the hotel and other aspects of the tour will be as they were promised at home. From our surveys we know that these are the most important concerns that come to mind when planning a tailor made tour. So we know that when planning a tailor made tour of a lifetime one of the most important criteria we have to meet is that of the guarantee: the guarantee that they will not be cheated, that they will get exactly what was promised at home. We understand this concern, and so when planning a tailor made tour we place a special emphasis to work with the best local partners, so that we can get first hand information about the tailor made tour. We also know that these are unique and once in a lifetime tours, there are no second chances: even the smallest details of the tailor made tour need to be perfect.

This is why we have developed a five-step trip planning system, which will guarantee the success of your tailor made tour no matter what the circumstances are.  

- Instead of catalogues: everyone can read – our clients value our own personal experiences gained at tour destinations, and the fact that here they can usually find someone with first hand experiences regarding the itinerary of a give tailor made tour. Of course since our founding we didn’t have the opportunity to personally travel to each and every destination to where we organize tailor made tours to, but we are doing our best. :) In these cases you can rely on the immense experience of our local partner in any detail of you tailor made tour: we have partners who have been in the business of tailor made tours for more than 50 years. You should take the opportunity to ask as many questions concerning the details of your tailor made tour as you can! :) 

- Reliable references in the planning of tailor made tours: our customers appreciate it when we don’t just say what we have accomplished in planning tailor made tours but that we actually show them what we have accomplished until now. We have organized several successful tailor made tours, and our customers will be glad to tell you their opinions. Other than getting references, here you will have the opportunity to talk with people of your caliber who have already experienced our services, maybe even on a tailor made tour organized by us.

- Are you a “difficult case”? When planning their tailor made tours our clients are usually full of questions, they are always interested in more options, they weigh and consider everything carefully, usually because they are interested in a unique, once in a lifetime tour. While other agencies may label them difficult, problematic customers, with us this type of client receive special attention, after all the Private Travel service, the opportunity for tailor made tours was made with them in mind.

- Safety during atailor made tour: our customers have told us that they feel safe traveling with us even to the end of the world, because they know that whatever questions they might have after they start their trip or if an unforeseen problem comes us (illness, etc) they will have help. We provide 24-hour local assistance even in the farthest reaches of the planet (and places beyond that) during all tailor made tours.

- Flexibility even during the planning of tours: most of the clients who come to us so that we can help them in planning a tailor made tour are usually busy people, so it is of great service to them that we accommodate them in every way: place and time of consultations, the means of payment, help online or over the phone.

- Time is Money! Our clients have told us that previously, when planning a more serious tour they have spent days or sometimes even weeks online. They wrote countless e-mails to service providers concerning the details of their tailor made tour, but now days they don’t have time to do this. With personal meetings we save you this time during the planning of a tailor made tour.

- We make the planning of tailor made tours stress free: instead of getting a pre-made program for a tour, we will compile it together according to the most important considerations that you give during a personal, or skype/phone consultation. This way, we not only save you time, but we also make the planning of the tailor made tour stress free, so that you will not have anything to worry about.

Baggio Private Travel® is also different from other agencies that we never go into a price competition; our goal is not to organize the cheapest tours, but to fulfill your dreams by giving you the best possible value. We are very selective in accepting what kinds of tailor made tours and also how many tours we plan at a time; we would not like quantity to cost us quality. This is the real seal of quality that we offer you if you will ask us to organize your tailor made tour.


If you feel that the benefits offered by a tailor made tour are important for you, and you would like to experience these, you can request a quote by filling out this form, if you would prefer to write us the details of your tailor made tour in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.