Why are tailor made tours more and more popular?

Why are tailor made tours more and more popular?

Why are tailor made tours more and more popular among luxury tour enthusiasts?


What are group tours offering?

In the not so distant past when planning a tour the normal thing to do was to collect a few catalogues from agencies that were planning group tours and then to select the most appropriate one from these. But often this appropriate tour was far from the ideal tour for the client, who had to make several compromises. Usually there was just one group tour to a given country each year with fixed dates, forcing the participants to make compromises right at the outset of the tour, if the given tour, even took place after enough participants (20-25 people) have signed up. These dates often didn’t coincide with the dates of the time off work, or with what the traveler had in mind, but someone who was set on a given tour didn’t really have a choice. After the compromise with the dates, one also had to accept several other compromises: fixed program, the hotels used during the tour, traveling with 20-25 other people, and the list goes on. There were pre-planned tours in the catalogues of the agencies that were organized to meet their needs, you just paid the price but you had no say in what happened during the tour.

According to the feedback from our customers and our own experiences we can state that travelers don’t have a say in any details of group tours.

For a long time group tours – as the only form of tours – had were very popular, which is no surprise considering that most people who wanted to travel had no idea that tailor made tours even existed. We would like to note that group tours are no better or worse than what we have to offer (tailor made tours), they are just completely different. :) Most travelers still go on group tours since most often this is the best way to get to know a given country. What attracts people is not just the price but the atmosphere offered by group tours, they are together with others, everything is planned in advance by someone else and all one has to do is follow this plan during the tour. Our customers often tell us about their experiences with group tours, and these are mostly the same: there are a few agencies that organize group tours, they sometimes vary the dates of a given tour, and sometimes the length or some program in the tour is also different. Besides these agencies there are several smaller ones that have specialized in conveying tours organized by others, selling spots in turn for receiving dividends. It’s no surprise therefore that when our customers start searching for a tour they soon find that what is on offer in the Hungarian market is usually the same. They have a choice between 2-3 tours organized to a given country that have very similar prices, agendas and other parameters. So the clients feel that they don’t have a real choicewhen planning a tour. Before the wide availability of the internet this might not have been so obvious, but since there has been a big change in not just the market of tailor made tours, but of the entire tourist industry; the world opened up, changing customers’ opportunities when it comes to tours as well.

Before, when we worked for agencies we marketed several tours and we saw that a large number of customers were not satisfied by what our catalogs had to offer in terms of group tours.  We were in contact with these clients who were forthcoming about what they would change in the agendas of a given tour and what sort of tour would be ideal for them. Of course, at the time this was a considerable burden for us, after all, our task was to sell these tours and not to tailor them to individual needs :). There was an ideal number of participants (for the agency) that we had to fill in order to get the tour off the ground and that’s it. This is the problem that we had turned into an opportunity, when we founded or own agency that would concentrate exclusively on tailor made tours and trips organized to meet individual needs. Since then we can state that more and more people are finding out about the benefits of tailor made tours, and that tailor made tours have become our most sought after service.


To whom is a tailor made tour the right choice?

Those World Travelers, who ask us for help in organizing a tailor made tour often find us – if not by recommendation from a customer who has experienced the benefits of tailor made tours – after seeing that other places could not completely satisfy their needs concerning the tailor made tour that they were planning. For them group tours are not an option, since it is primarily to avoid groups that they have contacted us, the specialists in tailor made tours. Their dream is a unique and unforgettabletailor madetour, to a distant country that they will probably not have the opportunity to visit again, so they are looking for a partner when planning their tailor made tour who can make it the adventure of a lifetime. They want an experienced adviser who will be able to help them make the decision that is right for them when planning the tailor made tour, and who doesn’t want to convince them of a given agenda.

Their dream is a tailor made tour specifically designed for them. A tour where there are no unnecessary “tourist traps”, where there are no 5 minute photo breaks at important sights, a where there is room for spontaneity: their dream is a tailor made tour that only has what they really want, no more, no less.

Since the spread of the financial crisis what we see with these clients is that when they are planning a tailor made tour they place much more importance on value.

When they are planning a tailor made tour they are willing to spend more in order to get higher value and to live through adventures and experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

What we also heard from clients who prefer tailor made tours was that they spend more time exploring their options and they place emphasis on finding out what they are buying exactly an especially in who they will be choosing as a partner for planning their tailor made tours: they want guarantees that what they get in a tailor made tour is exactly what they were promised and that they will not be cheated.

These are the expectations that are fulfilled by our Private Travel service, which became the most popular amount our World Travelers when it comes to tailor made tours.


If you would like to experience the benefits offered by a tailor made tour, you can request a quote by filling out this form, if you would prefer to write us the details of your tailor made tour in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.