Kenya & Tanzania Private safari (honeymoon)



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Kenya & Tanzania safari (honeymoon) with a rest in Zanzibar


This private safari is based on the following requests:

The reason for the fantastic safari presented below was a honeymoon that our World Travelers were planning when they found us. We are talking about experienced, well-seasoned travelers who usually plan their trips for themselves, but with the honeymoon they thought that would turn to a professional. Since a honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, they didn’t want chance to play a role, not even in the smallest details of the safari.

Their dream was a private safari where they would be able to explore the African wilderness without having to adjust to anyone else, while getting authentic safari experiences. Besides wanting to stay at real, authentic safari lodges, and satisfying their dream through a private safari, our World Travelers thought it to important that if they are going on a safari for their honeymoon they should see as many animals up close in their original environment as possible.

They didn’t have a set plans as far as the location of the safari was concerned; of course there were places they knew more about, and some about which they knew less; this is one are where they asked for our advice. After the personal consultation, when we got to know them and their travel habits we recommended to them the Kenya-Tanzania safari plan presented below. We hold it to be very important, and not just in the case of honeymoons, that we get to know our World Travelers, that we gauge their expectations with our own system, after all this is how we guarantee that out of the numerous possibilities we can find the one that is perfect for them. When planning a honeymoon this aspect is the most important for our World Travelers; they want us to give them a perfect, unique, and unforgettable trip.

Since our clients are working abroad, the starting point was not Budapest, further more the situation was made more complicated by the fact that their friends were getting married in one part of the world, this is where they wanted to start out from, and after the honeymoon they wanted to arrive in a different place. A „precooked” group safari package cannot offer such levels of flexibility, but thanks to the Private Travel service such a honeymoon is easily arrangeable, if the problem is dealt with by the proper professional.

Furthermore the dates for the vacation were fixed, so the safari honeymoon had to be planed to fit a certain time frame. When thinking about the safari it was also important that the transfers be done with a real 4x4 jeep as this is the only adequate vehicle for a safari, and as we have pointed out perfection is a basic requirement in the case of a honeymoon for all of those people who as us to be their honeymoon planners.

Another important aspect was that the driver be a local person, who knows the history of even the last blade of grass, and speaks excellent English so that he can transfer his knowledge and love of the wilderness to our World Travelers. Thanks to a driver like this, during their honeymoon our world travelers get to see places that would never have been accessible to them during a group safari; they could get closer to the animals, they got to travel unbeaten paths for exotic adventures and they got to know information that is not even included in the best guide books. All of this in the in complete safety, since safety is an important aspect of such a safari honeymoon.

It is no coincidence that we take great care in selecting our partner when it comes to the planning of such a safari honeymoon.


Kenya & Tanzania safari – Overview

-      16 days / 15 nights safari honeymoon

-      departure from any city of the world

-      itinerary of the private safari: 1. Kenya (Nairobi, Lake Nakuru National Park, Masai Mara National Park, Lake Victoria), 2. Tanzania (Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, Arisha), 3. Zanzibar (beach stay).

-      private safari with special 4*4 safari jeep in the wilderness of Kenya & Tanzania

-      private transfers upon arrival & departure on Zanzibar

-      private local english speaking driver-guide  

-      Kenya safari lodges: Southern Sun Mayfair **** Nairobi, Mbweha Camp Lake Nakuru ****, Ilkeliani Masai Mara Camp ****+

-      Tanzania safari lodges: Speke Bay Lodge ***+, Serengeti Sopa Lodge ****+, Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge ****+, Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge ****, Tarangire Sopa Lodge ****+

-      Zanzibar accomodation: Diamonds Dream of Zanzibar ****+

-      full board until the private safari in Kenya & Tanzania

-      all inclusive until the beach stay on Zanzibar


Highlights of the Kenya & Tanzania private safari

-      sightseeing in Nairobi

-      Lake Nakuru National Park

-      Masai Mara National Reserve

-      an authentic masai village

-      morning balloon safari over the Masai Mara National Park

-      Lake Victoria

-      Serengeti National Reserve

-      Ngorongoro Conservation Area

-      Lake Manyara National Park

-      Tarangire National Park

-      Arusha

-      Zanzibar beach stay


If you feel that the benefits offered by a private safari are important for you, and you would like to experience these, you can request a quote by filling out this form, if you would prefer to write us the details of your luxury safari in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.


Special needs from our World Travelers by designing this safari:

-      departure on a fix day

-      departure/arrival from another town

-      travel with the best time table

-      private safari in Kenya & Tanzania

-      authentic safari lodges until the whole safari

-      travel with special 4*4 safari jeep

-      full board until the private safari

-      all inclusive until the Zanzibar beach stay


Baggio extras until the Kenya & Tanzania safari:

-      VIP greetings upon arrival

-      local „aboriginal” english speaking guide

-      visit an authentic masai tribe

-      morning balloon safari with breakfast & champagne over Masai Mara

-      picnic in a quiet beach on Zanzibar


Some further possible Baggio extras until a safari like this:

-      romantic candlelight dinner in the african wilderness

-      canoeing/kayak safari

-      mountain bike safari

-      bird watch

-      nature walk


Variations on the same theme – a few more similar safaris in Kenya and Tanzania

The most important benefit of the Private Travel service is that the details of your dream honeymoon to Kenya or Tanzania will be set to your expectations. This is why we want to point out that the safari honeymoon presented above serves just to help you see that for the planning of which types of trips we are ideal partners. Just as with any other trip we organize, this safari honeymoon to Kenya Tanzania and Zanzibar is just one way of planning this trip, after all there are as many variations as there are World Travelers. This trip has been organized differently in the past, it has been longer and shorter, it included other African countries and their order has been different too. It has been organized to let our World Travelers stop in another country for a rest, but Kenya and Tanzania has been linked with the wonders of Madagascar, Réunion or another beautiful island. This safari honeymoon to Kenya and Tanzania has been organized in many ways, just as all other honeymoons that have been organized according to the expectations of our World Travelers.

Because no matter which country you might go to, every honeymoon organized by Baggio Private Travel®, is similar in one thing: instead of offering you compromises and readymade group tours we tailor every detail of the honeymoon to you.


What is the next step if your dream is a safari like this?

Please take into consideration that with us each honeymoon, just as each client, is unique. The honeymoon to Kenya Tanzania and Zanzibar above was designed to meet the individual wishes of our World Travelers. Of course if you find the honeymoon above appealing, then we can assemble a similar trip for you (as we don’t believe there are two trips that are the same). :) It is important to note that we will only accept the planning of a honeymoon for you with our special five-step system, which includes a travel consultation. Here we will get to know your expectations, thereby on the one hand saving you a considerable amount of time, and on the other hand this allows us to guarantee that every detail of your honeymoon to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar will be as you have dreamt it. This is how we guarantee to you that instead of having an “everything went fine” honeymoon you will have the adventure of your lifetime, so that when you return home you, as many World Travelers will say: “this honeymoon was worthy start of our life together!”


If you feel that the benefits offered by a private safari are important for you, and you would like to experience these, you can request a quote by filling out this form, if you would prefer to write us the details of your luxury safari in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.