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Private tour to Vietnam and Cambodia


This private trip is based on the following requests:

The primary consideration when planning the tour to Vietnam and Cambodia presented below was to be extraordinary: the goal was to get to know the unique sights of Vietnam and Cambodia, in a unique way. It is important to stress this unique way in this case, as unique sights in Vietnam and Cambodia are usually included in a better group tour, however a private tour differs greatly from one of these.

The benefits offered by the Private Travel service really appealed to our clients, and they wanted to take full advantage of them during their tour of Vietnam and Cambodia. So when visiting Hanoi for example, we didn’t organize a closed tourist bus, but and authentic rickshaw, during a pirate tour. On the one hand this is a much more enjoyable, on the other it provided a much closer experience with life in Vietnam for our World Travelers, further more the private tour ensures that our World Travelers can spend as much time as they want where ever they want. The local guide will provide them with information about Vietnam and the neighboring countries that will find incredibly interesting. Furthermore, thanks to the local guide they will be treated as locals themselves everywhere they go during their tour. Since our World Travelers wanted to discover the authentic cuisine of Vietnam and Cambodia, we organized for them a private cooking workshop, and we placed fine dining restaurants on their itinerary, so they had the opportunity to discover both sides of Vietnam during their tour.  Of course during the tour this was not the not the only such adventure, but more on this latter.

The single cabin junk boat provided our World Travelers with the adequate privacy and extraordinary experiences as they explored the most beautiful spots of the Halong Bay. Every successful tour includes the Halong Bay, after all this is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam, but the experience can be greatly improved if you have a private junk boat with captain included. To make their trip even more romantic we had a special surprise in store for our World Travelers: a candle light dinner in a picturesque cave in a hidden corner of the bay. How does that sound?

The capital of Vietnam was also discovered with similarly exclusive programs, there was a city tour with an old timer car, as well as a boat ride on the Mekong River, which, according to our World Travelers was the highlight of not only their time in Vietnam, but of the whole tour. With the trip in Cambodia the goal was also to have our World Travelers get to know the daily life of Cambodia up close at their own pace and for them to gain the most out of the tour. With this in mind the only types of programs that could be considered were those where a local guide would be at their disposal. We know from our own experience that this is the best way to explore the wonders of Cambodia, since at sights such as the temples of Angkor one can easily loose a sense of time, what’s more the success of the tour is at risk if one has to speed through sights of this nature.

We organized a pick-nick lunch among hidden temples of Angkor Wat, we took our clients to a rural village, where they were hosted by a local family, but they also had the chance to visit a local market (and not a touristy one), a hike in the jungle and a boat tour in a more secluded canal outside the scope of mass tourism. According to their feedback, these moments could have served as individual trips to this part of Cambodia. When planning the tour to Vietnam and Cambodia the time of departure was an important aspect, so that an important date would fall into the time when they were in Cambodia. Furthermore the duration of the tour was also limited by the amount of vacation time available, so we needed to use time as efficiently as possible when planning the itinerary of the tour.

Originally there was a plan to make a rest stop on the beach in one of the surrounding countries (for example in Thailand), but in the end our World Travelers didn’t want this and adventure won out over resting. It was also important that the hotels used by our World Travelers be such that they give back the atmosphere of Vietnam and Cambodia.


Vietnam & Cambodia private tour – Overview

-      17 days private tour

-      departure on a fix date

-      an important jubilée until the Cambpdia part of the trip

-      travel with a quality airline

-      travel with the best time table

-      itinerary of the Vietnam & Cambodia tour: Hanoi – Saigon – Mekong – Siem Reap

-      accomodations until the tour: Conifer **** Hanoi, 1 cabin junk boat cruise Halong Bay, An Lam River ***** Saigon, Nam Bo **** Can Tho, Mekong River Cruise, Angkor Village Hotel ****

-      explore the Halong Bay with a private, 1 cabin junk boat cruise

-      authentic river cruise on the Mekong River

-      private transfers until the whole private tour

-      private local english speaking guide

-      private tours until the whole Cambodia & Vietnam tour   


Highlights of the Vietnam & Cambodia private tour

-      traditional massage after arrival to Hanoi (surprise from our team)

-      explore the city of Hanoi with a traditional cyclo

-      private cooking class in Hanoi

-      fine dining experiences at Ly Club restaurant (Hanoi)

-      explore Halong Bay with 1 cabin traditional junk boat cruise

-      romantic candlelight dinner in a quiet cave (Halong Bay)

-      discover the colonial Saigon with an authentic Vespa

-      Saigon sightseeing tour with an old timer car

-      fine dining experiences at Mandarin restaurant (Saigon)

-      visit Cu Cu Tunnels near Saigon

-      explore the Mekong River with a traditional cruise

-      visit a floating market on the Mekong

-      mountain bike tour on the ricefields of the Mekong

-      Angkor Wat with a traditional tuk tuk

-      blessing by monks at Angkor Wat

-      explore the magic temples of Angkor

-      cooking class in the house of a cambodian family

-      discover the tunels near Siem Reap

-      picnic lunch in the jungle


If you feel that the benefits offered by a private tour are important for you, and you would like to experience these, you can request a quote by filling out this form, if you would prefer to write us the details of your Vietnam & Cambodia tour in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.


Special needs from our World Travelers by designing this Vietnam & Cambodia trip:

-      departure on a fix date

-     travel period fit to their holiday

-     travel with the best time table

-     an important jubilée in the Cambodia part

-     explore traditional gastronomy in Cambodia & Vietnam

-     fine dining experiences in both countries

-      explore Vietnam & Cambodia with extraordinary programs

-      authentic and quality accomodations

-      authentic cruise experiences in Vietnam & Cambodia

-      meet local people, get the most authentic experiences as possible


Baggio extras until this Vietnam - Cambodia tour:

-      traditional massage after arrival to Hanoi

-     authentic cyclo tour in Hanoi

-      1 cabin junk boat cruise to explore Halong Bay

-      romantic candlelight dinner in a quiet cave (Halong Bay)

-      traditional cooking class, Hanoi

-      fine dining experiences in Hanoi

-      sightseeing tour in Saigon with an old timer car

-      Vespa tour in the colonial Saigon

-      mountain bike tour in the ricefields of Mekong

-      blessing from the monks (Angkor)

-      explore Angkor Thom with a traditional tuk tuk

-      picnic lunch Angkor

-      cooking class by a local family (Siem Reap)

-      fine dining experiences Saigon


Some further possible Baggio extras until a Vietnam & Cambodia tour like this:

-      balloon tour over Angkor

-      traditional wedding in Angkor

-      visit Perfume Pagoda from Hanoi

-      taste of Hanoi

-      mountain bike tour near Hanoi

-      with local boat on the Mekong River

-      cruise on the Tonle Sap lake


Variations on the same theme – a few more similar Vietnam & Cambodia tours

The most important benefit of the Private Travel service is that the details of your Vietnam & Cambodia tour will be set to your expectations. This is why we want to point out that the private tour presented above serves just to help you see that for the planning of which types of trips we are ideal partners. Just as with any other trip we organize, this trip to Vietnam & Cambodia is just one way of planning this trip, after all there are as many variations as there are World Travelers. This trip has been organized differently in the past, it has been longer and shorter, it included other Asian countries such as Laos, Burma or Thailand. It has been organized to let our World Travelers stop in another country for a rest, but Vietnam & Cambodia has been linked with the wonders of Phuket, Koh Samui or another beautiful island. This private tour to Vietnam & Cambodia has been organized in many ways, just as all other private tour that have been organized according to the expectations of our World Travelers.

Because no matter which country you might go to, every trip organized by Baggio Private Travel®, is similar in one thing: instead of offering you compromises and readymade group tours we tailor every detail of the private tour to you.


What is the next step if your dream is a private tour like this?

Please take into consideration that with us each trip, just as each client, is unique. The private tour to Vietnam c Cambodia above was designed to meet the individual wishes of our World Travelers. Of course if you find the tour above appealing, then we can assemble a similar trip for you (as we don’t believe there are two trips that are the same). :) It is important to note that we will only accept the planning of a private tour for you with our special five-step system, which includes a travel consultation. Here we will get to know your expectations, thereby on the one hand saving you a considerable amount of time, and on the other hand this allows us to guarantee that every detail of your private tour to Vietnam & Cambodia will be as you have dreamt it. This is how we guarantee to you that instead of having an “everything went fine” trip you will have the adventure of your lifetime.


If you feel that the benefits offered by a private tour are important for you, and you would like to experience these, you can request a quote by filling out this form, if you would prefer to write us the details of your Vietnam & Cambodia tour in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.