Australia private tour + great barrier reef diving


Ausztralia Zaszlo

Private Australia tour: diving on the Great Barrier Reef + Australia private trip


This private trip + diving tour is based on the following requests:

The Private Australia tour was made for a group of divers who really wanted to make it to this continent. Several years of planning went into the organization of this Australia tour (from their part), as 100 + 1% success was a basic requirement here (as with all trips planned by Baggio).

The most important cornerstone of the Australia tour was the diving at the Great Barrier Reef so we set the whole itinerary to this. We didn’t want the trip to coincide with the hot Australian summer, so we decided on springtime, which there falls on the end of October and early November. It was decided that the diving at the Great Barrier Reef should take up about one third of the Australia tour, and that the diving be assisted by good quality diving boat. Another thing to consider was that the non-diver members of the group should also be able to find things to do on the boat, and that locations on the Great Barrier Reef which interest them should also be included in the plans. The diving needed to fall in the beginning of the trip, so the entire Private Australia tour was organized accordingly.

With regards to the rest of the Australia tour it was an important constraint that it needed to be a private tour so that the group didn’t have to adjust to anyone else, after all our World Travelers wanted to get the maximum out every moment of their Australia tour. Another important parameter was in planning the Private Australian tour was that the program needed to include a trip to the desert, the beach, big cities, and exciting adventures, that is our World Travelers wanted the most exciting and eventful lineup possible. Next to making the best use of time, it was also important that pace if the Australia tour be acceptable, providing ample free time to our World Travelers while they discovered the wonders of Australia.

When deciding on the programs to be included in the tour it was also important that each age group, from teenager to the older generations find exciting things in it. Another important consideration was finding the adequate hotels for the Australia tour, on the one hand they need to be close to the city center and guarantee at least 4-5 star quality service, on the other hand they needed to proved a wide range of services (like pool, SPA, etc) for our World Travelers, so that they could make enjoy the „down times” in their Australia tour.


Private Australia tour + diving – Overview

-      16 days / 12 nights private trip

-      Travel with the best routing

-      Itinerary of the private Australia tour: Cairns – Ayers Rock – Alice Springs – Sydney

-      Boat for the diving at The Great Barrier Reef: Spirit of Freedom diving boat

-      Hotels until the private trip: Marcure Cairns Harbourside ****, Desert Gardens Hotel **** Ayers Rock, Alice Springs Crowne Plaza *****, The Grace Hotel **** Sydney

-      Private small group tours until the whole Australia trip

-      Private english speaking guide for the tours


Highlights of the Private Australia Tour

-      4 nights diving tour at The Great Barrier Reef

-      Kuranda full day all inclusive program

-      Daintree

-      Cape Tribulation

-      Kata Tjutas (The Olgas)

-      Sunset tour at the Uluru (Ayers Rock)

-      Sounds of Silence Champagne Dinner at Uluru (Ayers Rock)

-      Sunrise Tour at the Uluru (Ayers Rock) with an aboriginal guide

-      sightseeing tour in Alice Springs and nearby

-      Sdyney sightseeing tour

-      tour of „The Rocks” quarter (Sydney)

-      Bridge Climb at night (Harbour Bridge, Sydney)

-      Blue Mountains full day tour

-      Hunter Valley Tour – taste the best Australian wines


If you feel that the benefits offered by a private tour are important for you, and you would like to experience these, you can request a quote for a similar Asutralia tour by filling out this form, if you would prefer to write us the details of your Australia tour in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.


Special needs from our World Travelers by designing this Australia trip:

-      Departure on a fix day

-      Australia tour fit to their holiday

-      Diving at The Great Barrier Reef with a quality diving boat

-      Diving – desert – capital combination

-      Private english speaking guide to explore Asutralia’s most exiting sights

-      Private transfers, private tours

-      Aboriginal tour at Uluru (Ayers Rock)

-      Funny programs until the Australia trip for travelers with different ages

-      Taste the famous Australian wines  

-      Different incentive programs until the Private Australia tour


Baggio extras until this Australia tour:

-      Fast check-in everywhere

-      Aboriginal tour at Uluru (Ayers Rock)

-      Bridge climb at night in Sydney

-      Champagne dinner at Uluru (Ayers Rock)

-      Visit more family wineries to taste Australian wines


Some further possible Baggio extras until an Australia trip like this:

-      Bungee jumping (Cairsn, Sydney etc.)

-      Horseback riding in the jungles near Cairns

-      Zipline in the jungles of Qeensland

-      Hot air balloon ride

-      Crocodile adventures

-      Butterfly watch

-      Camel ride at Uluru (Ayers Rock)

-      Helicopter / hidroplane tour: Great Barrier Reef / Uluru (Ayers Rock) / Sydney

-      Sailing: Great Barrier Reef / Uluru (Ayers Rock) / Sydney

-      Whale / dolphin watch near Sydney

-      Surf lessons from professionals

-      Shark diving

-      Opera /concerts at the world famous Sydney Opera

-      jet boat adventures (Sydney)

-      skiing and other snowy acitivites

and many others…


Variations on the same theme – a few more similar Australia tours

The most important benefit of the Private Travel service is that the details of your Australia tour will be set to your expectations. This is why we want to point out that the private tour presented above serves just to help you see that for the planning of which types of trips we are ideal partners. Just as with any other trip we organize, this trip to Australia is just one way of planning this trip, after all there are as many variations as there are World Travelers. This trip has been organized differently in the past, it has been longer and shorter, it included other Australian regions according to the expectations of our World Travelers.

Because no matter which country you might go to, every trip organized by Baggio Private Travel®, is similar in one thing: instead of offering you compromises and readymade group tours we tailor every detail of the private tour to you.


What is the next step if your dream is a private Australia tour like this?

Please take into consideration that with us each trip, just as each client, is unique. The private tour to Australia above was designed to meet the individual wishes of our World Travelers. Of course if you find the tour above appealing, then we can assemble a similar trip for you (as we don’t believe there are two trips that are the same). :) It is important to note that we will only accept the planning of a private tour for you with our special five-step system, which includes a travel consultation (skype, phone, e-mail). Here we will get to know your expectations, thereby on the one hand saving you a considerable amount of time, and on the other hand this allows us to guarantee that every detail of your private tour to Australia will be as you have dreamt it. This is how we guarantee to you that instead of having an “everything went fine” trip you will have the adventure of your lifetime.


If you feel that the benefits offered by a private tour are important for you, and you would like to experience these, you can request a quote by filling out this form, if you would prefer to write us the details of your Vietnam & Cambodia tour in e-mail, then please click here. You can reach us by phone on this number: +361/273-0782.